Gaming Tips

Gaming tips from Chateau Heartiste:

– Yard sales and consignment shops are lucrative venues for picking up girls. Good ratio + young babes + opener props = win.

– When a hot chick makes a funny, don’t laugh too hard. In fact, don’t laugh at all. Just smile. LOLing is approval seeking.

– Be wary of conversational entrapment. The longer you talk about a woman’s concerns, the more likely she’ll friendzone you.

– Approaching in coffee shops is tough, b/c it’s so obvious. Try making a face at the girl first. Chicks love silliness.

– Make fun of chickscript. “O-M-G, that’s so totes true!!!” Girls love flirty teasing with an edge. Shows fearlessness.

– If you text a girl you met the night before and she asks who you are, text back “Kanye West”. Keeps the pickup ball rolling.

– Misinterpret a girl’s actions as coming on to you. Girl says hi, you reply: “Whoa, save the pillow talk for later, speedy gonzales.”

– Smile at women you pass on the street. Many more than you think will smile back. Lead with a smile, as you lead in life.

– When you have a woman at the foot of your bed, simultaneously grab her hair and palm her pussy while kissing her neck. Magic.

– If you distrust your girlfriend, don’t let it show. Feigned naivete is a powerful weapon against devious playettes. Think long-term strategy.

– Drop something. Dramatically pick it up. While bending, look over your shoulder at the girl, and ask “Getting an eyeful?” Assume the sale.

– Don’t get too excited by a girl’s physical escalation. She’ll value your ensuing interest less. Steer the seduction.

– If a girl mentions another man, hold up your hand & say “You hear that?” “What?” “The sound of this conversation dying.”

– Never tolerate a girl showing up later than you to a date. Visit another bar then return in ten minutes. She still not there? Leave. Alternate option: Talk to other girls who may be at the bar. When she arrives, she’ll experience preselection overload.

– When you meet for a date, don’t hug the girl. She’s expecting it then. Be bold and unpredictable. Touch her on your terms. Leave the beta males to eagerly lap up asexual hugs.

– After sex, or before if you like risk, tell girl “I’m not interested in a relationship with anyone.” Money-saving MOAB game.

– Emulate this guy. (Not the poker player.)

– Art museums are great first date venues to demonstrate not just knowledge, but wry humor as well. “Did he paint nipples?”

– If a date is going well, you’ll be tempted to stop challenging a woman. Don’t. Save your full acceptance until after sex.

– Got an arm cast? Have a niece or a few women sign it. Not an option? Fake it. Draw flowers and hearts. Cast game is nuclear.

– Pace a girl’s unspoken objections. “This is really crazy meeting a stranger on the street.” Pacing disarms and re-norms.

– “That’s just something a girl says when she can’t handle her feelings for a man” is a good, all-purpose reply to a shit test.

– If you go out a lot, you will have make-outs. Fresh breath extends sessions. Tip: chew mint leaves on your way out the door.

– If you kiss a girl and she reacts with confusion or pulls away, wait a beat and sexily say “hot”. Instant mood lifter.

– Science can segue to sexytime. “I read that people relate based on smell compatibility.” *sniff* “Your love smell is strong.”

– “I know how this ends. You’ll fall in love. Hard. Dream of rings and white weddings. I’ll run.” – said to a girl on 2nd date. Try it with a straight face. It’s chicknip.

Get Extra Passionate Kiss With No-You-Can’t Game

Someone on Twitter shared this very old blog post from a previously unknown blog Krauser PUA.

9. No you can’t
Description: You bait the girl into saying she wants something, then deny her over and over again. It gets her to invest and chase while setting you up as the guy who doles out rewards when it pleases him.

Use: When you open a bag of crisps, motion them towards her and say “Do you want one?” When she goes to put her hand in the packet pull it away and say “well you can’t”. A couple of seconds later do it again. Wait, make a conciliatory ok-no-more-fooling-around-I’m-serious-now face and do it again. Keep going until she refuses to take the bait. Then let her have the packet to get one herself.

Variation: Pull her in for a kiss, slowly and romantically. Make her push up on her toes to reach your lips. And just before your lips touch, turn away and say “Never mind” and start walking off. Nine times out of ten she’ll chase and demand the kiss. Making her chase.

Let’s call this no-you-can’t game.

It is a powerful use of reverse psychology on women. Using the no-you-can’t game right is guaranteed to get you an extra passionate kiss from the woman.

So while you’re at it, why not go for extra passion!

Beta Vs. Alpha Male Responses

In the interest of not giving out your personal information too soon in order to please the woman, and thereby lowering your status in her eyes, Purushatma has suggested this conversational tip –

Do not offer more information than is minimally necessary, and instead of immediately answering like a slave, offer some teasing and mystique.

Quoting the examples from his blog:

She: So how was your weekend?
Beta: It was nice.  I spent some hours at home on Saturday relaxing, then on Sunday I did some chores and went to a fun party in the evening with friends.
Alpha: Uhh.  Couldn’t wait for Monday to come.

She: So what do you do?
Beta: At the start of my career I was a programmer.  But now I am an analyst with this transport firm.  It is big firm with offices in many states.
Alpha: Covert arts.
She: No, seriously what do you do?
Alpha: Hehe you will find out soon.  Are you a recruiter?

She: So what should we do this Saturday?
Beta: We can go watch this film XYZ that has been recently getting some good reviews.  We can enjoy popcorn and coke during the film.  Afterwards, whatever you say.
Lesser Beta: We can go for a drive, listen to some music on the way.  Maybe a brewery?
Alpha: Come to my place around 2.  I’ll have a plan.

She: Have you dated many women?
Beta: Some.  I was married for a short while.  My longest relationship outside marriage was 2 years.  I did a speed dating thing in January, and it was quite interesting.
Lesser Beta: Of course.  Still haven’t found the right one.
Lower Alpha: Let’s just say I ain’t a virgin.
Alpha: Are you serious?

Okay, you got the idea.

How To Pass The Friend-zone Shit Test With Flying Colors

The friend-zone shit test is where a woman says “can we just be friends” or some variation of it.

It is all to common for men to fail this test by either halfheartedly accepting the proposition of friendship or by giving up on her because they realize they have been friend-zoned and stand no chance of sex with her.

Purushatma suggested a response to this shit-test. This is what a man should say to a woman throwing this shit test at him:

“Uhh.  That won’t work for me.  I don’t do friendships with women that I find desirable.”

This is going to get her hamster spinning.  Does she want to be “undesirable” for you?  Does she want to cut ties with someone who finds her desirable and is unapologetic about it?  Does she want to end the interaction at a sour note with someone that she has enjoyed interacting with?


This is brilliant!

How To Know If She’s Losing Interest In You On A Date

Blackdragon writes about what to look for in women’s body language to adjust your behavior on initial dates in order to avoid screwing up.

Women can pretend to be nice all they want, but many, if not most women, won’t be able to hide subtle cues in their body language which may indicate attraction or anger/disgust. Here are a few things that can indicate you just said or did something that pissed her off:

– Sudden dilation or widening of her eyes.

– Quick, momentary squint of her eyes.

– Instant break of eye contact, particularly if she looks down and to the side.

– An embarrassed smile, particularly if she looks away while smiling and/or if she exhales during the smile. A lot of women smile when they’re embarrassed, surprised, or suddenly pissed off; far more than you might expect.

– Any sudden shift in body language that moves away from you. For example, if she was slightly leaning forward and then straightens or leans back.

– Any sudden change in her breathing. This is a lot harder to notice, but it’s noticeable if you make a mental note of her breathing during the beginning of the interaction.

In addition to the body language queues, you can also pay attention to her speaking pattern to catch signs if you’ve screwed up.

This is usually easier than watching for body language. A common example is if she’s talking to you like a normal person, then suddenly she starts answering questions in short, quick sentences, usually with a slightly lower tone of voice. If this happens, you likely just screwed up and need to recover (if possible, and it may not be).

And watch for any signs of boredom.

If she starts to look nervous, or looks around the room, or gives you long silences, or checks her phone too much, these are all signs that you’re losing her and need to step up the interaction by getting off stupid/boring topics and asking her more interesting questions.

Women Are Grown Children Who Need A Master

From Open Letter To American Men About Women, Love & Power, a man named Tom writes to the author:

I love my wife very much but in doing so I’ve become perhaps her servant (housework, childcare, sex) and less her man. I’ve always wondered that perhaps being a loving and stronger man would be better for her. Reaching to what you are perhaps suggesting is deep down her desire for a real man.

My problem has been that she is an alpha, and I love her even though I’m tired of the power struggle. I don’t want to go about this like I’m breaking in a horse. I don’t want to win every time. I want a partner.

But I feel like my actions of love are perhaps enabling. Then I feel like husbands I know who aren’t serving so much or some that are real ‘dicks’ have their wives clinging to them, and it sounds like the sex is good. Because although they might err on the side of being a jerk, if their firmness is demanding, respect seems to drive their woman closer.

I just wonder if she’d be happier if I lovingly put my foot down. I know how to do that with my kids, and I know they’re better for it. I wonder if that’s what I need to do for my wife, but then it seems like I’m treating her like a child. I just don’t know!

Here’s my advice to Tom and other men in the same quandary –

The thought that you should find an equal partner in a woman is arising from your idealistic conditioning. The notion that men and women are or should be equals – in marriage or otherwise – could not be more faulty.

Women are, generally speaking, physically weaker, intellectually poorer, and mentally unstable when compared to men.

Women are not equal to men, nor do they want to be treated as such. They won’t say it, but they reveal it all the time through sexual dynamics.

It’s in the nature of woman to be subservient to a dominant man. A dominant woman can’t be a happy woman.

A damaged woman (i.e. a woman plagued with feminist ideology) who can’t be tamed by a dominant man can’t give herself a happy marriage.

Don’t go by what women say, go by what they do. Tom has already observed that the husbands who are ‘dicks’ are happier in their marriage. What he needs to be certain about is that their wives too are happier.

Tom would benefit from reading this article. Just keep in mind one thing that the linked article is a guide to getting women’s love in the short term. It correctly describes women’s nature. However, when it comes to long term relationships and marriage, the right mix of assholery and niceness shifts towards more niceness and less assholery.

That said, a man must always be assertive and dominant.

In the context of marriage, I agree with Suzanne Venker where she says this:

Being dominant does not mean being a you-know-what. It is not the same thing as being domineering. What conveys dominance, notes Townsend, are three things: confidence, self-assurance and assertiveness. It is true most women do not want a domineering man, but neither do they want a man they can dominate.


What they’re looking for when they do this is a man who’ll provide and protect and assert himself—in other words, be a man in the traditional sense of the word—but who’s also good, kind (not nice, kind) and willing to change diapers and do dishes. She wants, in other words, a saint with balls. When a man becomes too accommodating, as in Tom’s case above, he loses his manhood. And that’s when the relationship begins to deteriorate.

Lastly, I will say this: In a happy marriage the man raises an additional child who is his wife, for women are grown children – not equals or partners – who need a master.

Working Men are Slaves, Working Women are Independent

When women say that they want to work to be independent, therein lies a difference between men’s and women’s positions in the modern society. Historically, men have been working because the society has been using them as providers and protectors, not because they wanted to be independent. The thought of being independent is fundamentally detrimental to the society’s interests.

Men work to provide for their dependents, which adds value to the society. Women want to work to be independent, which effectively negates the value. Unlike men, women want to work for themselves. After all, that’s what independence means. Most of the working and “independent” women declare shopping as their favorite hobby. That explains where their income goes. Men never said they were independent, because they never were. Nor have they cried for independence.

Most men hate their work, but do they have a choice? Who will run the society if they stopped working? One might ask oneself, who will provide for their family if men decided to be independent? If one’s answer is women, one could not be more wrong. A women would not even marry and form a family with a man who did not work to begin with. We don’t even need studies to prove this, just common sense and looking around. Thus, men don’t work because they want to be independent, they work because they have no choice.

A woman who is not interested in making a home, taking care of children, and maintaining communal ties is as useless to the society as a man who does not want to work.

How gender roles are formed

There are two important systems that shoulder every society. Economy and family. If either of the two is inexistent or fails, the society would not develop to begin with or collapse. In most basic terms, economy takes care of feeding people, and family system is necessary to increase/maintain the population. For a society to thrive the two systems must work in tandem. If economy collapses people would go hungry. In modern times it translates into difficulty in fulfilling the basic needs. If family system collapses it means reduction in marriage and birthrate and decline in population, along with loss of meaning in life and ennui in modern times.

It was not tyranny of men who chose women for the role of homemaker while choosing more “independent” life for themselves. It was so arranged because that’s what both men and women are naturally suited for. In the primitive stages of society when there were no desk jobs available and the environment was fraught with dangers, women could not afford to take on the role of provider and protector. They were best suited for domestic tasks while men worked with dangers of the environment to feed and protect their women and children. Men brought food, women prepared and served it to the family. Men built houses, women kept them in order and made them homes. Men fought wars to protect their community, women oiled communal ties. Men carried out the large scale tasks because they are endowed with the required fortitude and more strength than women. Women carried out the relatively smaller scale tasks, because that’s what they are best endowed for.

Men built and ran economies,  and women built and ran families. None of the genders chose their respective tasks, it just happened with nature’s arrangement based on respective strengths of the two sexes. Societies with any other arrangement would have perished, because as mentioned above for any society to thrive the economy and family system must work in tandem, and this was the only arrangement conducive to that end.

Once the wheels of the society are set in motion in direction of growth with a given arrangement, any deviation generates negative payoffs (in the form of problems) that create pressures for the deviating agents to re-align their paths to the mutual interests of the society. That’s why we say that the society pressurized women to stick to their original role to participate in the family system, and still pressurizes men to work to participate in the economy.

The title of this article says working men are slaves. Similarly, women in their traditional role must also feel the same way, that they are domestic slaves. Let me be clear, I used this terminology only to make women understand that if they feel like slaves confined to domestic tasks, the world is not bed of roses for men either.

This so called slavery for men and women is not bad. It is what makes the society and all the comforts that we enjoy possible. Real independence is not what it seems like. In jungle is one really independent, in the society one has to fit into the designed roles. The protagonist of the film Into the Wild (based on a true story) breaks free from the society to live independently into the wild. He is barely able to feed himself and is killed by the vagaries of nature. That is what real independence is like.

Women who abandon their traditional role in the society are narcissists in the same way men who want to loaf without working are. Both are a cost to the society.

The equality movement has done great disservice to the society by making women think that they were being oppressed and made slaves of by men who enjoyed all independence. It has made women dissatisfied with their role which is essential for the society to sustain itself.

Men and women in their traditional roles are like right and left wheels of the cart. The society can not run with two right wheels or two left wheels alone. We did not need women to take over men’s roles while abandoning their own.

As more women are “liberated”, families are disappearing. White Western women are among the most liberated in the world, and white population in the West is on decline. This heralds the collapse of human civilization.