It is impossible to over-estimate the importance of dad

On why father’s are important, from here:

It is impossible to over-estimate the importance of dad. For example, girls who have good relationships with their fathers are less likely to engage in risky behaviors and tend to do better in math. Boys who have actively involved fathers tend to have fewer behavioral problems, have better grades and perform better on achievement tests.

A review of more than 500 studies from around the world found that acceptance or rejection from a parent in childhood is one of the greatest influences on personality development. Rejection by either parent is a deep wound, and rejection or abandonment by the father can be particularly damaging.

The researchers suggest that, despite the social changes in gender roles, a father is still perceived to be the more powerful parent or the parent with the higher prestige, which makes rejection by him so profoundly hurtful.

Another study looked at an aspect of parenting that is usually ignored, the infant-father relationship. A fascinating English study assessed father-infant interactions when the babies were 3 months old, and compared them to the babies’ behavior at 12 months.

They found the children whose fathers were more engaged had better outcomes, and later on had fewer behavioral problems. Even the tiniest tots benefit from their daddies’ attention.

Donald Trump Broke Kathy Griffin. Or Did He?

Kathy Griffin Stunt

Comedian Kathy Griffin who works for CNN posted this picture in which she is holding the faux blood-covered severed head of president Donald Trump.

The image is quite graphic and understandably disturbing to anyone because it immediately brings to mind one of the worst enemies of the humankind in the present times – ISIS-Evil Losers.

And who is the biggest enemy of ISIS at this time? Right, Donald Trump. See how that makes the photo disturbing?

She posted this ISIS-style beheading photo thinking that the world would applaud her for her bravery, and probably thought that president Trump or the people close to him won’t react on it.

However, this stunt of hers was followed by severe backlash from conservatives and Trump supporters. Not only that, leftist Chelsea Clinton and Kathy’s colleague at CNN, Anderson Cooper, condemned her act.

In addition to that, CNN finally severed ties with her by cancelling her show after advertisers pulled away from the network because they refused to fire her or even issue a statement for a long time following the backlash over her act.

This is what Trump’s reaction to the photo was:

Donald Trump Jr. sent out a bunch of tweets to Kathy’s employer, CNN, questioning them on their silence about her act, and putting pressure on them to fire her. Meanwhile, Melania Trump questioned her mental health.

“As a mother, a wife, and a human being, that photo is very disturbing,” the first lady said in a statement issued by her press secretary, Stephanie Grisham, in response to a reporter’s question late Wednesday morning. “When you consider some of the atrocities happening in the world today, a photo opportunity like this is simply wrong and makes you wonder about the mental health of the person who did it.”

Looking at such an unexpected turn of events, Kathy Griffin issued an apology.

Scott Adams said that Kathy Griffin’s apology looked 100% sincere to him. Let me say here that Scott Adams may be one of the greatest observers of human nature and persuasion experts of our time.

What followed, however, proved Scott Adams’ observation about her apology wrong. And it also showed what a vile and disgusting creature Kathy Griffin is!

Shortly after issuing an apology, Kathy Griffin called a press conference to cry about how Trump family was bullying her!

One wonders whether she’s apologetic, or defiant and doubling-down? Can’t be both, right?

In the press conference, she calls Trump a bully, and says that Trump and his family were personally tying to ruin her life forever. Not only that, she brings up sexism by saying she she’s a woman in a very male-dominated field. She makes some jokes about Trump and, like a strong woman, says “He picked a wrong redhead.” But shortly after, she cries about losing her career and says that Trump broke her!

Really? Trump broke her? Or maybe, just maybe, her thoughtless and outrageous act caused her to lose her job and broke her? What was she thinking when she came out with an ISIS-style beheading photo of the president of her country?

Some people, including Scott Adams, say that she’s a comedian, and being provocative is what she does for a living. Hence, people should not be reacting the way they are about her act.

Now I am all for free speech and free expression of art, but note that Kathy Griffin is not some random comedian. She is a long-time Trump-hater who has called Trump “a piece of shit” and even said that she’ll go after his 11-year-old-son Barron in the past.

When that person comes up with a beheading photo of Trump, it is not funny. Kathy Griffin’s general position and her past remarks about Trump change the context here.

By the way, even if it had come from a random comedian, the photo is by no means funny. If there’s an ambiguity about the photo being funny, I fail to see it.

The truth of the matter is this: Women don’t know how to take responsibility for their actions. When their actions land them into trouble, they will expertly reframe the situation to take the victim position. This is classic female nature!

This tweet succinctly describes the press conference.

Stefan Molyneux has presented an excellent commentary on Kathy Griffin’s actions. It’s a worth a watch/listen.

He ends his commentary by addressing the death threats Kathy said she has been getting online. Here’s what he says: Suppose if Kathy Griffin receives in an email a photo of someone holding her severed bloody head, would she consider that a death threat?

Women Are Grown Children Who Need A Master

From Open Letter To American Men About Women, Love & Power, a man named Tom writes to the author:

I love my wife very much but in doing so I’ve become perhaps her servant (housework, childcare, sex) and less her man. I’ve always wondered that perhaps being a loving and stronger man would be better for her. Reaching to what you are perhaps suggesting is deep down her desire for a real man.

My problem has been that she is an alpha, and I love her even though I’m tired of the power struggle. I don’t want to go about this like I’m breaking in a horse. I don’t want to win every time. I want a partner.

But I feel like my actions of love are perhaps enabling. Then I feel like husbands I know who aren’t serving so much or some that are real ‘dicks’ have their wives clinging to them, and it sounds like the sex is good. Because although they might err on the side of being a jerk, if their firmness is demanding, respect seems to drive their woman closer.

I just wonder if she’d be happier if I lovingly put my foot down. I know how to do that with my kids, and I know they’re better for it. I wonder if that’s what I need to do for my wife, but then it seems like I’m treating her like a child. I just don’t know!

Here’s my advice to Tom and other men in the same quandary –

The thought that you should find an equal partner in a woman is arising from your idealistic conditioning. The notion that men and women are or should be equals – in marriage or otherwise – could not be more faulty.

Women are, generally speaking, physically weaker, intellectually poorer, and mentally unstable when compared to men.

Women are not equal to men, nor do they want to be treated as such. They won’t say it, but they reveal it all the time through sexual dynamics.

It’s in the nature of woman to be subservient to a dominant man. A dominant woman can’t be a happy woman.

A damaged woman (i.e. a woman plagued with feminist ideology) who can’t be tamed by a dominant man can’t give herself a happy marriage.

Don’t go by what women say, go by what they do. Tom has already observed that the husbands who are ‘dicks’ are happier in their marriage. What he needs to be certain about is that their wives too are happier.

Tom would benefit from reading this article. Just keep in mind one thing that the linked article is a guide to getting women’s love in the short term. It correctly describes women’s nature. However, when it comes to long term relationships and marriage, the right mix of assholery and niceness shifts towards more niceness and less assholery.

That said, a man must always be assertive and dominant.

In the context of marriage, I agree with Suzanne Venker where she says this:

Being dominant does not mean being a you-know-what. It is not the same thing as being domineering. What conveys dominance, notes Townsend, are three things: confidence, self-assurance and assertiveness. It is true most women do not want a domineering man, but neither do they want a man they can dominate.


What they’re looking for when they do this is a man who’ll provide and protect and assert himself—in other words, be a man in the traditional sense of the word—but who’s also good, kind (not nice, kind) and willing to change diapers and do dishes. She wants, in other words, a saint with balls. When a man becomes too accommodating, as in Tom’s case above, he loses his manhood. And that’s when the relationship begins to deteriorate.

Lastly, I will say this: In a happy marriage the man raises an additional child who is his wife, for women are grown children – not equals or partners – who need a master.

Nuggets On Women’s Need For Dominance

“Both men and women — at least normal, sexually dimorphic men and women and not bitter androgynous blobs — would feel sexually aroused by this photo. […] If you could only know one thing about women, this photo, and how men and women react differently to its stimuli, is sufficient to guide you through life.” (Courtesy: CH)
Happiest woman is who is slave to a dominant alpha male. And that is the only way a woman is contented in life.

Serving an alpha male and mother his offspring is the purpose of woman’s life. Ironically, most women don’t realize it themselves.

Feminist women feel miserable and forever discontented because they are stripped of the female imperative. (Feminist men are women with penes.)

In her heart of hearts a woman does not want to be free. Dependency on a strong male is true inclination of the female nature.

If one’s woman rebels against one’s dominance, that means one is not alpha enough for her. The solution for the man is not to give up dominance, but to develop alpha characteristics.

Give up your dominance and you might as well give up on the woman’s love. Nothing repels a woman more than a dutiful gentleman.

Squander your love on a woman like a fool and watch her love vanish. Give your love sparingly and as favor and watch her love for you grow.

Be the kind of nice man the woman says you should be and get punished with her apathy. Give her dominance she secretly craves and rule her heart like a king.

A woman needs a ruler, not a lover. Love is a feminine emotion. Loving is woman’s job, not man’s.

A man’s job is to understand a woman for her, and master her. Tame her like one tames a dog. The reward is her unrelenting love.

The man who rejects this wisdom (aka The Red Pill) is victim of the contemporary media brainwashing. Such a man will never taste a woman’s true passionate love.

A Woman’s Need To “Find Herself” Explained

Only a woman would say such a thing as she needs to find herself. It’s a code for saying I don’t want responsibilities and burdens of relationship, family, or society.

A woman who needs to find herself would be most selfish, irresponsible, and narcissistic like a child. By irresponsible I mean when she realizes that she is causing emotional hurt to the people around by her behavior, instead of changing her behavior she will only think about herself and justify her cruel whims by saying she can’t help it and that she needs to find herself and will want to break away to freedom. She doesn’t know compromise which is the first thing an adult human should know.

For a woman in relationship with a man, the phenomenon of need for self discovery occurs when the woman, owing to her hypergamous nature, viscerally feels that she is not with the best man she could get. She can not rationally justify to herself why she needs to alienate the man she is with, yet she doesn’t feel at home with the man who is perhaps too beta to satisfy the animal inside her. She is in conflict which she can only explain by saying she needs to find herself – which means she doesn’t know what she wants yet. It is true, because reason says she is with a good man, but the animal inside her feels deprived, and therefore she is not happy and can’t decide what she wants. The need for self discovery makes the childishness and emotional cruelty on her part okay.

A woman who isn’t in a relationship and is on a journey of self discovery is really on a journey to find the best alpha male mate which mostly involves a lot of sleeping around for trial and error. Consciously she may not be aware of the fact that she is looking for a mate who will hold down the animal inside her. In her awareness she is only “experiencing life till she finds herself”. It’s about satisfying the animal nature by finding a man to feel at home with. The purpose of human existence is to spread one’s genes by mating with the best options, after all. We are not designed to feel satisfied if not by serving the biological purpose.

So in her awareness she wants to experience life till she finds herself. Except that it is an impossible quest. Because she won’t find herself till she finds “the man”, and no man can satisfy the animal inside a woman forever. That is because we don’t live animalistic lives. A man’s heart would soften once in love, and alpha would turn beta, if slightly. A callous alpha man who doesn’t turn beta after taking on a woman may keep her attraction up for longer, but there is no guarantee that her hypergamy won’t create the conflict in her and force her to feel that she still needs to find herself. Too much alphaness can also trigger this when she feels she can’t settle down with the man.

How is a man to know the subtle balance of alpha and betaness forever when the woman’s need for it itself varies based on her age and even her menstrual cycle? Hence, there is no guarantee that any woman will be satisfied always. And the moment she is not satisfied, she will cease to feel at home and will want to discover or re-discover herself.

A woman raised by religious and traditional values is taught the virtue of compromise instead of self discovery. An independent modern woman is taught that self discovery is important above all. What is sad here is that there is no Self to be discovered.

Run away from a woman who says she is on a quest to find herself.

The Power Of Bold Woman At Workplace

I have a hypothesis based on my experience about bold women at workplace. It is this: A bold woman in middle management would be far, far more effective than her male counterparts.

By bold woman I mean a woman with mannerisms of a man. A woman who is manly and outspoken, who swears at work like men do in casual settings, who doesn’t hesitate before insulting a subordinate for their performance related or other issues.

A woman with a bunch of qualities described above would be exceptionally successful as manager. It would be nearly impossible for a male counterpart to compete with her for growth in the organization.

The reason for this has to do with women having free pass in a lot of things in the society. One of those things is behaving unprofessionally at work. I’ll also break down the free pass in a bit.

Some examples of women’s free pass: In many offices, women can wear a top that shows their cleavage but men wearing a t-shirt would be considered unprofessional dressing. There are formal knee length skirts, but there is no such thing as formal shorts for men. A man who stares at a woman at work would be terminated from employment for that – and I have seen that happening – but a woman staring at men would face zero consequences. It’s not even a concern worth mentioning.

I mentioned the above examples to show that there are double standards in viewing men and women at work and in the society at large.

These double standards that create the free pass for women have their roots in biology, and they are justified. The point of this article is not to complain about or dispute the double standards.

The so-called “double standard” – or different ways of judging men and women’s behaviors – can not be changed nor does it need to be. Because it is biologically rooted, and for a reason. The problem arises, however, when we are forced to accept the view that men and women are equal and hence it’s okay for them to behave the same way. This view forced upon our conscience creates a confused psyche which combined with biologically rooted double standard then views men who swear as rude and unprofessional but takes kinder and amused view of a woman displaying the same behavior. This is how the free pass for women arises. And when the narrative of women empowerment is incorporated in that psyche it gives the bold woman a rather positive aura.

Even when she swears at a subordinate while reprimanding them, she would not come off as offensive, if at all, as a man doing the same. Moreover, a man can’t  reprimand a female subordinate without a risk of her taking offense and possible HR action; but a female manager can use any language towards a man without any fear because most men are used to the bad language.

It is because of the confused psyche that if a man displays boldness – in language and manners – at work, he will be considered unprofessional. But a women who is bold in the same way would at best be considered empowered, at worst would arouse amusement. Yes, by applying rational thought one would agree that the woman is being unprofessional, but one’s reactions are seldom based on rational thought. Therefore, the bold woman would not elicit the same negative reaction as the bold man would while getting the job done.

This gives bold women great power over their subordinates, influence over their peers, and marked advantage over their male counterparts, making them unusually effective in management positions.

This is of course generally speaking and there can be exceptions. I would love to know observations of other people on this.

Gender Is Not Socially Constructed

One of the reasons why feminists should not hold the reins of the society is that they are not capable of seeing truth. They don’t understand what common sense tells us. They even reject scientific studies if they run contrary to what they want to believe.

Here’s a story of a feminist mother who is upset because her little girl loves pink color and dolls, and wishes she was into toy cars instead.

A few days ago, she told me that boys can’t wear dresses. Surprised, I told her that anyone can wear whatever they want. It made no difference: she was convinced that this was the rule and I was wrong.

Last week, when she asked me to be the prince and rescue her from the monster, I suggested she rescue me instead.

She looked at me like I had lost my mind. At this point I was rolling around on the floor crying ‘Help! I’ve fallen off my horse!’ Unmoved, she asked when we were getting married.

I’m a feminist, and I hate it when people decide a car is a toy for a boy, or a fairy outfit is for a girl. People should be able to like whatever they want and dress however they want.

Apparently, she doesn’t understand that her three-year-old likes girly stuff not because the society has decided for her to like girly stuff, but because biologically she’s a female sex. Her likes, preferences and mannerisms are written in her genes.

The differences in men and women are real, measurable biological differences. Men and women are different in their physical strength, emotional responses, sexual behavior, rational capacity, life preferences and on numerous other counts. Owing to the innate biological differences men and women fit different roles in the society and receive different treatment. Thus, gender is not socially constructed but is genetic, with only small behavioral variations across different cultures.

She doesn’t like toy cars and never will.