20 Practical Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels

AJA Cortes posted this list on Twitter:

1. Cut out alcohol: Heavy drinking is terrible for you, period. Minimal or not at all.

2. Cut sugar & carb intake: High sugar diets drop tests levels. Large amounts of processed carbs and liquid calories are hormonal hell.

3. Increase Vitamin D levels/Get some sunlight: Majority of people are vitamin D deficient, and it contributes to lower test levels.

4. Increase healthy fat intake: Cholesterol is a precursor to testosterone. Low fat diets plummet test levels. Increase fat intake.

5. Don’t smoke: Less and less people smoke, but if you do, your test levels are NOT benefiting from it. Time to quit.

6. Avoid fake fats: Vegetable oil, corn oil, soybean oil, canola oil, all negatively impact testosterone levels. Eliminate them from diet.

7. Cut out Soy: Soybean oil, processed soy protein, fake meats, etc. These things are dogshit for you and your hormones. Do not consume them.

8. Dont get fat: Excess fat increases secretion of estrogen, NOT something you want. Stay lean and dont let bodyfat rise above mid teens ever.

9. Lift weights: Being strong and muscular= increased testosterone levels. This alone can significantly change your health.

10. Get Sleep: A lack of sleep can almost half testosterone production. Less sleep=Less test. Do what you need to do to improve this. (Learn secrets of good sleep.)

11. Talk to attractive women: Talking to attractive women raises test levels and lowers stress levels, scientific fact. Go talk to girls.

12. Train your AGGRESSION: Learn how to box, learn BJJ, learn muy thai, learn something that gets your competitive instincts turned on.

13. Get Your Vitamins: Zinc, magnesium, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, being micronutrient deficient can negatively impact test production.

14. Cut the Stimulants: Excess stimulant consumption of caffeine, energy drinks all increase cortisol–>decrease test levels.

15. SEX: Get some. There are infinite resources telling you how to make this happen and be better at it. Not getting laid is no good, period.

16. Drop your loser friends: Low test is contagious. Being friends with fat mofos that are pussy whipped and passive is low test Hell.

17. Find training partners: Like minded & red blooded gentleman will give you someone to compete against and hold you accountable.

18. Speak with Authority: Your dialogue reflects your mindset. Just, maybe, kinda, sorta, ehh, sorry are how cowards speak. Don’t be a coward.

19. Increase your PAIN tolerance: Higher testosterone=higher pain threshold. Push yourself, be able to take a punch, build your fortitude.

20. Develop FOCUS: Become the goddamn best and be uncompromising in your devotion and effort to it. Focus and testosterone go hand in hand.

Missing Someone Is Not The Same As Being In Love

Missing someone does not mean you are in love with that person. This may sound counterintuitive, but it is true.

Quite interestingly, most people take the missing element to be the test of love. A girlfriend would say to her boyfriend, “You never miss me, so you don’t love me.” Or a wife would say to her husband after he returns from work, “You never once called me. You didn’t miss me at all. That’s because you don’t love me.” As if missing meant loving!

It is possible to miss someone without being in love with them. How is that possible, you might ask. It is possible. Missing someone just means that you are used to the person.

When you are used to anything you miss that thing when you are away from it.

When you are with certain person for a period of time, and are used to that person doing things with you and to you, you would miss that person when they are away from you. You may or may not be in love.

Let’s take for example a couple who have broken up because they were not compatible with each other. After staying with each other for a year, the couple found out that they had many differences of opinions and different life goals. They argued and fought a lot and couldn’t give each other happiness.

Their situation had gotten so bad that they figured the only way for them to be happy was to separate. So they separated.

After a week of separation, the guy or the girl started missing the other. This phenomenon is fairly common among people.

Missing someone in such cases is interpreted as “true love” which causes further trauma when the feeling is only on part of one person. The person feeling this feels their loss more heavily because they think that they are truly in love (which they figured out now) and are losing true love. How pitiful that is!

They don’t understand that missing the person only means that they were used to being around that person and now the person is not around. It is as simple as that.

The following example may make it easy to understand:

We are all used to eating sugar. We like eating sweet things. But sugar makes us fat. So let’s say you are fat and the doctor advises you to quit sugar. Now you quit sugar. You quit sugar because sugar is harmful to you. Sugar would make you fatter and more unhealthy, and would destroy you.

So you quit sugar. Now you will miss sugar. You will miss eating sweet things.

Does that mean you love sugar and therefore should get it back into your life, your diet?

No. You miss sugar only because you were used to sugar, not because you love sugar or that sugar is good for you. You still are fully aware of how bad sugar is. It is just a matter of time before you get used to living without sugar.

Hope that made sense.

Gaming Tips

Gaming tips from Chateau Heartiste:

– Yard sales and consignment shops are lucrative venues for picking up girls. Good ratio + young babes + opener props = win.

– When a hot chick makes a funny, don’t laugh too hard. In fact, don’t laugh at all. Just smile. LOLing is approval seeking.

– Be wary of conversational entrapment. The longer you talk about a woman’s concerns, the more likely she’ll friendzone you.

– Approaching in coffee shops is tough, b/c it’s so obvious. Try making a face at the girl first. Chicks love silliness.

– Make fun of chickscript. “O-M-G, that’s so totes true!!!” Girls love flirty teasing with an edge. Shows fearlessness.

– If you text a girl you met the night before and she asks who you are, text back “Kanye West”. Keeps the pickup ball rolling.

– Misinterpret a girl’s actions as coming on to you. Girl says hi, you reply: “Whoa, save the pillow talk for later, speedy gonzales.”

– Smile at women you pass on the street. Many more than you think will smile back. Lead with a smile, as you lead in life.

– When you have a woman at the foot of your bed, simultaneously grab her hair and palm her pussy while kissing her neck. Magic.

– If you distrust your girlfriend, don’t let it show. Feigned naivete is a powerful weapon against devious playettes. Think long-term strategy.

– Drop something. Dramatically pick it up. While bending, look over your shoulder at the girl, and ask “Getting an eyeful?” Assume the sale.

– Don’t get too excited by a girl’s physical escalation. She’ll value your ensuing interest less. Steer the seduction.

– If a girl mentions another man, hold up your hand & say “You hear that?” “What?” “The sound of this conversation dying.”

– Never tolerate a girl showing up later than you to a date. Visit another bar then return in ten minutes. She still not there? Leave. Alternate option: Talk to other girls who may be at the bar. When she arrives, she’ll experience preselection overload.

– When you meet for a date, don’t hug the girl. She’s expecting it then. Be bold and unpredictable. Touch her on your terms. Leave the beta males to eagerly lap up asexual hugs.

– After sex, or before if you like risk, tell girl “I’m not interested in a relationship with anyone.” Money-saving MOAB game.

– Emulate this guy. (Not the poker player.)

– Art museums are great first date venues to demonstrate not just knowledge, but wry humor as well. “Did he paint nipples?”

– If a date is going well, you’ll be tempted to stop challenging a woman. Don’t. Save your full acceptance until after sex.

– Got an arm cast? Have a niece or a few women sign it. Not an option? Fake it. Draw flowers and hearts. Cast game is nuclear.

– Pace a girl’s unspoken objections. “This is really crazy meeting a stranger on the street.” Pacing disarms and re-norms.

– “That’s just something a girl says when she can’t handle her feelings for a man” is a good, all-purpose reply to a shit test.

– If you go out a lot, you will have make-outs. Fresh breath extends sessions. Tip: chew mint leaves on your way out the door.

– If you kiss a girl and she reacts with confusion or pulls away, wait a beat and sexily say “hot”. Instant mood lifter.

– Science can segue to sexytime. “I read that people relate based on smell compatibility.” *sniff* “Your love smell is strong.”

– “I know how this ends. You’ll fall in love. Hard. Dream of rings and white weddings. I’ll run.” – said to a girl on 2nd date. Try it with a straight face. It’s chicknip.

Persuasion To Get People To Eat Right

Seems like persuasion is in the air all over.

Came across this article that talks about how good branding of healthy foods can persuade people to eat more of them.

Getting yourself or your kids to eat more veggies could be as easy as coming up with a tempting name for your dish. According to psychology researchers at Stanford, people are more likely to chow down on vegetables if they have an “indulgent” name, like “sizzlin’ beans” as opposed to plain old “beans.” Diners are “motivated by taste,” but labels affect “how tasty and filling we think food will be,” study author Bradley Turnwald tells the BBC. To discover whether they could get people to eat more vegetables simply by changing the label, Turnwald and colleagues spent a month and a half serving up veggies in a university cafeteria, per a release. Some dishes got a basic label like “carrots.” Others got a label like “twisted citrus-glazed carrots.”

The veggies were always prepared the same way. But researchers found those with “indulgent” labels were by far the best sellers, with 25% more people choosing them than veggies with a basic label. In a sign that consumers view healthy food as less tasty, the “indulgent” veggies were also gobbled up by 35% more people than ate veggies with healthy-positive labeling (“smart-choice vitamin C citrus carrots”) and 41% more people than ate veggies with healthy-restrictive labeling (“carrots with sugar-free citrus dressing”). A greater amount of indulgent veggies was also eaten, reports Time. Turnwald’s conclusion: Labeling can sway us, but “emphasizing health can actually discourage diners from choosing healthy options.” (What food is paired with veggies also matters.)

And while we’re on the subject of eating right through presuasion, you might want to watch this video lesson called Food Psychology by Scott Adams where he teaches how you can make healthy food interesting, thus persuading yourself to eat more of it.

Scott Adams Reveals His Technique Of Prediction: Best Story Wins

Over the last two years Scott Adams has predicted a number of small and big things correctly using what he calls his Persuasion Filter.

His most notable prediction come true is Donald Trump’s presidency.

Scott Adams, I have come to believe, is a genius level observer and analyzer of events involving human interaction.

In the recent Periscope session he talked about one of the techniques he uses for predicting things, and discussed how through persuasion he predicted the last three NBA finals.

Watch this vedio clip:

I’ll admit, as did Scott Adams too, that the technique he discussed is not rational and has no basis in science.

It’s a lot of after-the-fact analysis of events that fit the best-story-wins hypothesis, so there’s likely a lot of confirmation bias gone into it.

However, I would suggest not to dismiss any of the man’s ideas completely.

The least we can do, if only for fun, is observe the future events and see how many of them go the way suggested by Scott Adams’ best-story-wins hypothesis.

It is impossible to over-estimate the importance of dad

On why father’s are important, from here:

It is impossible to over-estimate the importance of dad. For example, girls who have good relationships with their fathers are less likely to engage in risky behaviors and tend to do better in math. Boys who have actively involved fathers tend to have fewer behavioral problems, have better grades and perform better on achievement tests.

A review of more than 500 studies from around the world found that acceptance or rejection from a parent in childhood is one of the greatest influences on personality development. Rejection by either parent is a deep wound, and rejection or abandonment by the father can be particularly damaging.

The researchers suggest that, despite the social changes in gender roles, a father is still perceived to be the more powerful parent or the parent with the higher prestige, which makes rejection by him so profoundly hurtful.

Another study looked at an aspect of parenting that is usually ignored, the infant-father relationship. A fascinating English study assessed father-infant interactions when the babies were 3 months old, and compared them to the babies’ behavior at 12 months.

They found the children whose fathers were more engaged had better outcomes, and later on had fewer behavioral problems. Even the tiniest tots benefit from their daddies’ attention.

Get Extra Passionate Kiss With No-You-Can’t Game

Someone on Twitter shared this very old blog post from a previously unknown blog Krauser PUA.

9. No you can’t
Description: You bait the girl into saying she wants something, then deny her over and over again. It gets her to invest and chase while setting you up as the guy who doles out rewards when it pleases him.

Use: When you open a bag of crisps, motion them towards her and say “Do you want one?” When she goes to put her hand in the packet pull it away and say “well you can’t”. A couple of seconds later do it again. Wait, make a conciliatory ok-no-more-fooling-around-I’m-serious-now face and do it again. Keep going until she refuses to take the bait. Then let her have the packet to get one herself.

Variation: Pull her in for a kiss, slowly and romantically. Make her push up on her toes to reach your lips. And just before your lips touch, turn away and say “Never mind” and start walking off. Nine times out of ten she’ll chase and demand the kiss. Making her chase.

Let’s call this no-you-can’t game.

It is a powerful use of reverse psychology on women. Using the no-you-can’t game right is guaranteed to get you an extra passionate kiss from the woman.

So while you’re at it, why not go for extra passion!