20 Practical Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels

AJA Cortes posted this list on Twitter:

1. Cut out alcohol: Heavy drinking is terrible for you, period. Minimal or not at all.

2. Cut sugar & carb intake: High sugar diets drop tests levels. Large amounts of processed carbs and liquid calories are hormonal hell.

3. Increase Vitamin D levels/Get some sunlight: Majority of people are vitamin D deficient, and it contributes to lower test levels.

4. Increase healthy fat intake: Cholesterol is a precursor to testosterone. Low fat diets plummet test levels. Increase fat intake.

5. Don’t smoke: Less and less people smoke, but if you do, your test levels are NOT benefiting from it. Time to quit.

6. Avoid fake fats: Vegetable oil, corn oil, soybean oil, canola oil, all negatively impact testosterone levels. Eliminate them from diet.

7. Cut out Soy: Soybean oil, processed soy protein, fake meats, etc. These things are dogshit for you and your hormones. Do not consume them.

8. Dont get fat: Excess fat increases secretion of estrogen, NOT something you want. Stay lean and dont let bodyfat rise above mid teens ever.

9. Lift weights: Being strong and muscular= increased testosterone levels. This alone can significantly change your health.

10. Get Sleep: A lack of sleep can almost half testosterone production. Less sleep=Less test. Do what you need to do to improve this. (Learn secrets of good sleep.)

11. Talk to attractive women: Talking to attractive women raises test levels and lowers stress levels, scientific fact. Go talk to girls.

12. Train your AGGRESSION: Learn how to box, learn BJJ, learn muy thai, learn something that gets your competitive instincts turned on.

13. Get Your Vitamins: Zinc, magnesium, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, being micronutrient deficient can negatively impact test production.

14. Cut the Stimulants: Excess stimulant consumption of caffeine, energy drinks all increase cortisol–>decrease test levels.

15. SEX: Get some. There are infinite resources telling you how to make this happen and be better at it. Not getting laid is no good, period.

16. Drop your loser friends: Low test is contagious. Being friends with fat mofos that are pussy whipped and passive is low test Hell.

17. Find training partners: Like minded & red blooded gentleman will give you someone to compete against and hold you accountable.

18. Speak with Authority: Your dialogue reflects your mindset. Just, maybe, kinda, sorta, ehh, sorry are how cowards speak. Don’t be a coward.

19. Increase your PAIN tolerance: Higher testosterone=higher pain threshold. Push yourself, be able to take a punch, build your fortitude.

20. Develop FOCUS: Become the goddamn best and be uncompromising in your devotion and effort to it. Focus and testosterone go hand in hand.


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