Scott Adams Reveals His Technique Of Prediction: Best Story Wins

Over the last two years Scott Adams has predicted a number of small and big things correctly using what he calls his Persuasion Filter.

His most notable prediction come true is Donald Trump’s presidency.

Scott Adams, I have come to believe, is a genius level observer and analyzer of events involving human interaction.

In the recent Periscope session he talked about one of the techniques he uses for predicting things, and discussed how through persuasion he predicted the last three NBA finals.

Watch this vedio clip:

I’ll admit, as did Scott Adams too, that the technique he discussed is not rational and has no basis in science.

It’s a lot of after-the-fact analysis of events that fit the best-story-wins hypothesis, so there’s likely a lot of confirmation bias gone into it.

However, I would suggest not to dismiss any of the man’s ideas completely.

The least we can do, if only for fun, is observe the future events and see how many of them go the way suggested by Scott Adams’ best-story-wins hypothesis.


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