Get Extra Passionate Kiss With No-You-Can’t Game

Someone on Twitter shared this very old blog post from a previously unknown blog Krauser PUA.

9. No you can’t
Description: You bait the girl into saying she wants something, then deny her over and over again. It gets her to invest and chase while setting you up as the guy who doles out rewards when it pleases him.

Use: When you open a bag of crisps, motion them towards her and say “Do you want one?” When she goes to put her hand in the packet pull it away and say “well you can’t”. A couple of seconds later do it again. Wait, make a conciliatory ok-no-more-fooling-around-I’m-serious-now face and do it again. Keep going until she refuses to take the bait. Then let her have the packet to get one herself.

Variation: Pull her in for a kiss, slowly and romantically. Make her push up on her toes to reach your lips. And just before your lips touch, turn away and say “Never mind” and start walking off. Nine times out of ten she’ll chase and demand the kiss. Making her chase.

Let’s call this no-you-can’t game.

It is a powerful use of reverse psychology on women. Using the no-you-can’t game right is guaranteed to get you an extra passionate kiss from the woman.

So while you’re at it, why not go for extra passion!


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