Body Language Read Of Kathy Griffin’s Apology

In the last post I wrote about what I think of Kathy Griffin’s remarks about president Trump in a press conference where she said Trump broke her. (For more context refer to that post.)

The press conference proved that her apology which she issued before the press conference was not sincere.

Beucause one can either be apologetic or defiant and doubling down. She clearly doubled down on going after president Trump, which means her apology didn’t mean shit after all.

Scott Adams, who said that her apology seemed 100% sincere to him, has withdrawn his sympathy from her on one of his Periscope sessions after the press conference.

What surprised me about Scott Adams, however, is that he believed her apology to be sincere when he saw it. I say this because he is one of the finest observers of human nature and body language and is trained in persuasion. Although, he had made it clear that he was biased towards Kathy because he knew her personally and liked her. She had given voice to one of his comic chatacters on Dilbert TV show. That is perhaps the reason for his failing to see (or failing to acknowledge) the tells of insincerity in Kathy Griffin’s apology.

Now since the press conference made it apparent that her apology was insincere, I thought there had to be a good body language analysis of her apology that revealed the tells.

And I found one.

I am not a body language expert, but I know more about the subject than the average person. With that level of knowledge, I can tell that this analysis is good.


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