How To Pass The Friend-zone Shit Test With Flying Colors

The friend-zone shit test is where a woman says “can we just be friends” or some variation of it.

It is all to common for men to fail this test by either halfheartedly accepting the proposition of friendship or by giving up on her because they realize they have been friend-zoned and stand no chance of sex with her.

Purushatma suggested a response to this shit-test. This is what a man should say to a woman throwing this shit test at him:

“Uhh.  That won’t work for me.  I don’t do friendships with women that I find desirable.”

This is going to get her hamster spinning.  Does she want to be “undesirable” for you?  Does she want to cut ties with someone who finds her desirable and is unapologetic about it?  Does she want to end the interaction at a sour note with someone that she has enjoyed interacting with?


This is brilliant!


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