How To Know If She’s Losing Interest In You On A Date

Blackdragon writes about what to look for in women’s body language to adjust your behavior on initial dates in order to avoid screwing up.

Women can pretend to be nice all they want, but many, if not most women, won’t be able to hide subtle cues in their body language which may indicate attraction or anger/disgust. Here are a few things that can indicate you just said or did something that pissed her off:

– Sudden dilation or widening of her eyes.

– Quick, momentary squint of her eyes.

– Instant break of eye contact, particularly if she looks down and to the side.

– An embarrassed smile, particularly if she looks away while smiling and/or if she exhales during the smile. A lot of women smile when they’re embarrassed, surprised, or suddenly pissed off; far more than you might expect.

– Any sudden shift in body language that moves away from you. For example, if she was slightly leaning forward and then straightens or leans back.

– Any sudden change in her breathing. This is a lot harder to notice, but it’s noticeable if you make a mental note of her breathing during the beginning of the interaction.

In addition to the body language queues, you can also pay attention to her speaking pattern to catch signs if you’ve screwed up.

This is usually easier than watching for body language. A common example is if she’s talking to you like a normal person, then suddenly she starts answering questions in short, quick sentences, usually with a slightly lower tone of voice. If this happens, you likely just screwed up and need to recover (if possible, and it may not be).

And watch for any signs of boredom.

If she starts to look nervous, or looks around the room, or gives you long silences, or checks her phone too much, these are all signs that you’re losing her and need to step up the interaction by getting off stupid/boring topics and asking her more interesting questions.


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