Donald Trump – A Case For Laymen

Donald Trump is one man running not only against the corrupt political establishment, but against Google, Twitter, Facebook et al (companies sharing agenda with the power-hungry globalist elites, and blatantly, even illegally, censoring Trump’s attempts to connect with people), entire mainstream news media, and his own party leaders.

People who carry bad opinion of Trump get all their information form the mainstream media. In other words, they are thoroughly misinformed.

Hillary Clinton is the epitome of corruption.

How many people know about…

  • Hillary’s email scandals
  • Cover-ups of her poor health and brain damage
  • Her foundation’s pay-to-play scandal
  • Her lies about Benghazi
  • Her lies about landing “under sniper fire” in Bosnia (proven on video tapes)
  • Her shady ties with Wall Street
  • Her taking huge donations from Saudi leaders, the most misogynistic people in the world
  • Her silencing of Bill Clinton’s rape victims
  • Her helping a pedophile get away with raping a 12-year-old girl and later laughing about it (it’s on tape)

The list can go on.

Not only that, she has stolen the party nomination from Bernie Sanders. This was also proven through WikiLeaks release of hacked emails from her party, following which Democratic party chair resigned. Hillary Clinton become a presidential nominee by committing election fraud.

The mainstream media never highlights all that. But everyone would know that Trump called some woman fat when he was a reality TV star or passed some lewd remarks about women 11 years ago (like many normal men do in their man-to-man talks), and therefore he is misogynist. That’s media misinforming the public.

They all have common agenda.

When the entire establishment and all media is against one man, you know that man is your man. No more needs to be said.

It remains to be seen if on November 8 America celebrates its ascend to greatness, or free-fall to becoming another Germany, i.e. a hellhole filled with literal rapists and terrorists from the Middle East. After all Crooked Hillary is – by her own admission in a recent interview – a fan of Angela Merkel who destroyed her nation with her liberal immigration policies.

This election is the election of a lifetime for Americans. And Donald Trump is their last chance to save the Western Civilization. Or else, another Europe is waiting to happen.


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