Hillary’s Twitter Mole

It looks like either Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff is largely stupid like herself, or there is a mole on her team who has access to her official twitter account @HillaryClinton. For the sake of fun would assume the latter and present the work of her Twitter Mole.

Have fun!

The Mole came to my notice with the above tweet. I was taken aback by this tweet from Hillary which is positively advertising Trump. I have written a detailed post about it.

Hillary addresses Trump as President. What is worse is the image which appears in the tweet which looks like a file titled: President Donald J. Trump. Perfect for putting the idea of Donald J. Trump as president in people’s minds.

The first three words of this tweet, especially the way they are placed, couldn’t have done more to impress Trump as president on the people’ minds. Persuasion experts would say what comes in the next line matters not much.

The Mole tell is not in the words but the image that accompanies this tweet which reads: PRESIDENT TRUMP APPOINTS THIRD SUPREME COURT JUSTICE.

PRESIDENT TRUMP. Huge persuasion fail again.

The tweet is accompanied by a video in which Trump, quite humorously and effectively in my view, explains away the controversy around Star of David. Looks like the Mole is trying to save Trump the trouble by spreading his explanation to Hillary’s followers. Moreover, the title of the video reads: A MESSAGE FROM YOUR POSSIBLE NEXT PRESIDENT.

Try finding a Trump tweet or quote mentioning Hillary Clinton as a possible next president in such clear terms.

What is wrong in that idea?! After seeing this tweet one can’t help but wonder if Hillary Clinton is campaigning for Trump. Oh, I forgot, the Mole is!

In the words of Scott Adams: “Couldn’t be happier”? The mole is on fire!

This is probably the best work of the Mole. The tweet comes from Hillary right when the concerns about her mental (and physical) health have reached the mainstream media and the videos showing her bizarre behavior (like this one) are going viral on social media. It is worse than confirmation bias – herself practically admitting to the mental illness! That’s how it looks persuasion-wise.

This tweet comes at a time when Donald Trump has switched from insults and name-calling to giving policy speeches while Hillary Clinton has taken to fear-mongering and branding Trump as dangerous and racist. Could the timing of the tweet be more wrong?

I am amazed at the Mole’s ability to get away with tweeting whatever he wants. Wow, just WOW!

The above tweet, of course, is not the standalone tweet. It is quoting some tweet which reads: “Trump said they didn’t discuss payment. Now EPN directly saying they did, and he said they’re not paying.” EPN is for Enrique Peña Nieto, President of Mexico. Does this prove Trump was lying? Hell no! EPN could be lying, too. And anyway, half the people won’t even read the quoted tweet. A+ for highlighting Trump’s virtue and reminding the American people that Trump will never lie to them.

And the image in the tweet says: Vote 2016. Register to vote blah blah.. The Mole is effectively telling people to register and vote for Donald Trump.

“Donald Trump could actually be our next president.” You bet, Hillary Clinton! Persuasion experts would say when there are two lines, the first line would have much stronger impact on people’s minds. What comes after won’t register as well as the first line. After reading the tweet, people who earlier would have been unsure about Trump would also start believing in him. Way to go, Mole!

This tweets drops while hashtags like #HillarysHealth are trending on twitter, more fiercely than ever after her coughing fit at Cleveland, Ohio speech. A candidate who can barely stand her infamous stool talks about rock solidness.

She collapsed for real at 9/11 memorial service.

Hillary Clinton should be staying away from the words like “corruption”, “emails”, “delete”, “health” etc. which are strongly associated with her own image, and stick to the words like “racist” (what else?) which she has associated Trump with with some success. One is reading this tweet alongside Hillary Clinton’s face. Sure!

Panic-reacting to the backlash about Clinton calling half of Trump’s supporters “Basket of Deplorables” her campaign issued a statement along with the tweet from Hillary. Whose campaign is she talking about when she said “this campaign”? Her own I guess. That’s what it reads like.

The tweet is a Donald Trump quote directed at Hillary Clinton. And guess what, no one can disagree with what he says. Hillary called millions of Americans “Basket of Deplorables” just a few days prior to this tweet. Does not matter what is in the video in the tweet.

Here she is asking people to imagine Donald Trump in the role of president. People will obey the Mole!

This is a GIF of a moment from the 1st presidential debate. When Donald Trump attacked her on bad temperament and said that he has a winning temperament, Hillary Clinton convulsed. She looks weird there. It’s a material someone else would post to mock Hillary. But here it comes, from her own account. Well done, Mole!

Wow again! Mike Pence is getting praises from all over for coming out strong and victorious in his first debate with Hillary’s running mate Tim Kaine. Kaine on the other hand is facing criticisms for his poor performance in the debate. So of course Trump has picked a great running mate. By Hillary’s own assertion then, he will great at making hard decisions as president!

“The guide to help you make your choice for president”, says the tweet with a link to the article titled How to Choose Between the Most Corrupt, Least Popular Candidates of All Time. So, Hillary is basically admitting that she is corrupt and unpopular. She implying the same thing about Trump is irrelevant as there is nothing unusual about both candidates speaking ill of their opponent.


I will keep adding to this collection if the Mole keeps firing, which I am sure he will. Added 12 more tweets from Hillary’s Twitter Mole since this post’s original publication.

Courtesy Scott Adams (@ScottAdamsSays) who called my attention to the Mole. Follow him on Twitter or read his blog where currently he is providing excellent commentary and analysis of Trump’s and Clinton’s strategies.


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