Nuggets On Women’s Need For Dominance

“Both men and women — at least normal, sexually dimorphic men and women and not bitter androgynous blobs — would feel sexually aroused by this photo. […] If you could only know one thing about women, this photo, and how men and women react differently to its stimuli, is sufficient to guide you through life.” (Courtesy: CH)
Happiest woman is who is slave to a dominant alpha male. And that is the only way a woman is contented in life.

Serving an alpha male and mother his offspring is the purpose of woman’s life. Ironically, most women don’t realize it themselves.

Feminist women feel miserable and forever discontented because they are stripped of the female imperative. (Feminist men are women with penes.)

In her heart of hearts a woman does not want to be free. Dependency on a strong male is true inclination of the female nature.

If one’s woman rebels against one’s dominance, that means one is not alpha enough for her. The solution for the man is not to give up dominance, but to develop alpha characteristics.

Give up your dominance and you might as well give up on the woman’s love. Nothing repels a woman more than a dutiful gentleman.

Squander your love on a woman like a fool and watch her love vanish. Give your love sparingly and as favor and watch her love for you grow.

Be the kind of nice man the woman says you should be and get punished with her apathy. Give her dominance she secretly craves and rule her heart like a king.

A woman needs a ruler, not a lover. Love is a feminine emotion. Loving is woman’s job, not man’s.

A man’s job is to understand a woman for her, and master her. Tame her like one tames a dog. The reward is her unrelenting love.

The man who rejects this wisdom (aka The Red Pill) is victim of the contemporary media brainwashing. Such a man will never taste a woman’s true passionate love.


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