Hillary’s Tweet: Stupid At Best, Sexist At Worst

Hillary Clinton tweeted:

“You’re gonna make the same if you do as good a job.” —Donald Trump on women and equal pay

Scott Adams has rightly dubbed this tweet as the mother of all campaign errors. The tweet surely looks pro-Trump. There is nothing wrong with what Donald Trump has said about women. What was Hillary thinking, one wonders!

I don’t think she wanted to declare that women should be paid more than men for doing as good a job. Although that doesn’t rule out the possibility fact that Hillary is sexist. I’ll tell you why. Hillary Clinton supports the agenda of third wave feminism, which is a movement aimed at getting preferential treatment to women and absolute marginalization of men. That is not equality, but sexism against men. So Hillary is sexist.

But I get it, that Hillary is not soo stupid to reveal that level of sexism in a tweet. Because however dumb the masses be, most people recognize that third wave feminism is evil. That’s why large number of women today refuse to identify themselves as feminists.

It is very hard, however, to see how the tweet is not asking that women be paid more than men for as good a job. Remember that Hillary is an arch rival of Donald Trump in the race for presidency of the United States. The tweet is supposed to be against Trump. If Trump declares he believes in equality of men and women – which is unquestionably what the tweet implies – and someone takes issues with that, that must mean that they want more than equality, that is, preferential treatment of women. The tweet, at its worst, is sexist thus.

Now here’s what I think Hillary’s actual intention behind the tweet is: She wanted to imply that 1) Trump acknowledges that woman are currently paid less, and that is because (he thinks) 2) women don’t do as good a job as men. So he has to say that “you are gonna make the same if…” That’s kind of future tense (are gonna) and with a condition (if).

Well, there is the stupid of Hillary Clinton. Gender pay gap has already been blown away as a myth concocted by feminists. Yes, women are paid less than men overall. But the reason why they are paid less than men is because they work less than men. Women work fewer hours, take more days off, are less ambitious, and choose more comfortable and less risky jobs than men. So yes, average earning of all women across all fields would be less than average earning of all men across all fields. There is plethora of studies that corroborate this. The myth is also busted by Warren Farrell (The Myth of Male Power) and Roy Baumeister in their books (Is There Anything Good About Men?). Thus, the tweet at its best is still stupid.

Hillary Clinton is playing woman card – and playing it rather stupidly.


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