10 Ways Of Alpha – Part 4

Below is a list of things that a man must inculcate in his behavior in order to garner attraction of women and command respect from other men.

These are the ways of alpha men.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

1. Keep in the center

When you hang out with a group of people, always walk in the center. When you are in the center, it is easier to engage people on both sides in a conversation. Moreover, the other people in the group will automatically perceive you as a high-value man. And this perception will not be limited to the people in the group.

Likewise, when you sit down on a bench at a park, or a table in a cafeteria, never sit on the edge but take a position close to the center. If more people were to join you, they should be forced to surround you.

2. Walk a step ahead of your woman

When walking with your woman, never let her walk ahead of you giving appearance of you following her. Always walk a step ahead of her, or with her. Never after her. A man must lead, not follow.

My girlfriend has clear instructions that whenever we are to go somewhere together, she will wait for me without moving  until I catch up to her, then she will either walk with me or a step behind me if she can’t walk at my pace.

Give the instructions in the form of command and she will follow them (provided you have maintained alpha-male frame on the whole). And some time if you find her not following the instructions and walking ahead of you without waiting for you to catch up to her and walking with or after you thereafter, lose her on purpose to teach her a lesson.

3. Don’t vent frustration to a woman

Women’s attraction is triggered by men who they perceive to be in control of their shit. And as a corollary, they are repelled by weak and whining men. Venting frustration is display of weakness and lack of control.

Don’t expect a woman to understand your frustration and make you feel good when you are whining about things. They might say a few nice things to you then, but the doors to her pussy will never open for you. If they are already open, she will struggle to keep them open if you frequently display this sort of betatude.

4. Flake one out of four times

Cancel plans at the last moment, sometimes a day prior, about one out of four times. Making plans and cancelling them shows that you are a man with a life apart from her too. It also shows that you are not always eager to see her. This would increase your value in her eyes.

As I have said before in this series, women love  busy men. They love pursuing men whose attention they can’t get easily.

5. Play push/pull

Push/pull: Push/pull is a gaming strategy applied with women. Push means pushing her away in the sense of being emotionally distant, usually when she is showing attraction. Pull means drawing her in, in the sense of displaying care and attention to her.

Don’t let her feel that she has you completely. When you are with her make her feel on top of the world. After you part with her for the day, forget about her. Literally forget her. That will screw with her mind, because most men aren’t like that. Most men shower calls and texts on the woman they are seeing, when they are not with her. She would expect the same behavior from you. But ironic as it is, if you live up to her expectation, she will lose her attraction for you. Let her call you, and when she does, try to wrap the call briefly. When she texts you, don’t reply immediately. (I have written about it in the earlier post).

My girlfriend recently said to me: “I don’t know what happens to you sometimes. Sometimes I feel so secure, and sometimes I feel you don’t love me at all. I can’t understand you.” Is that a bad thing? Quite the opposite. In fact, that’s why she is madly in love with me.

6. Don’t give all your time to the woman

Don’t meet her every day. Whatever your current occupation, have other productive things to do and focus on them instead, keeping woman as secondary.

Moreover, a man must not alienate his friends for a woman. I have seen countless men ceasing to see their friends after getting a girlfriend. Spending time with family is also important. If a woman becomes the center of your existence, you will cease to exist for her before long.

7. Don’t end sentences with question tag

Avoid using question tags in conversations. Ending sentences with question tag shows lack of confidence and approval-seeking.


  • This shirt looks good on me, doesn’t it?
  • You’re madly in love with me, aren’t you?

In both the sentences above, said without the question tag and with an appropriate smirk they make you look a confident alpha. Add the question tag and you sound like an approval-seeking beta. The effect is reversed.

8. Don’t justify when she expresses disapproval of something you like

When she generally says something like, “I don’t like people who grow their beard long”, or “Men shouldn’t cut their hair too short”, and you happen to do that, don’t start explaining or justifying. Just shrug off her remark, even when she directs her disapproval specifically at you.

You may add, “Too bad!” or “So?” or something like that with zero-fucks-given attitude to reassert your high value.

9. Don’t deprecate other men, especially about looks

Observe that women  like to bitch about other women. They talk badly about other women’s character, habits and looks, especially when they are jealous and insecure because of those women.

When a man deprecates other men, there is only one way women understand it – their way. She will take it as a sign of your jealousy and insecurity, and lack of confidence in yourself, because she knows that she does the same when she feels jealous and insecure. And often times men do engage in this behavior for exactly this reason.

Alpha men are confident about their value. They don’t have to show other men down in order to make their value known.

10. Don’t recommend book, song, film or YouTube video to her just because you like it

How many times someone has made you listen to a song, or watch a YouTube video saying you will like it, and you sat through it just to be nice to the person? Learn from experience.

Just because you liked a certain book, or a song, or a film, or a YouTube video, that doesn’t mean everyone else will like it. Even if they were to like it, they might not be in the right mood for it at the moment. Making someone feel obliged to sit through some experience that you think they will enjoy sounds like seeking validation to me. Or at best, it is an attempt to please others which would lower your value if fails – and more often than not it would.

Never attempt this on a woman unless you are 100% sure it will impress her. Understand that women are seldom interested in your interests and likes. Talk about her likes and interests if you want to capture her attention.

I will do more posts on #WaysOfAlpha in the future and also post these tips with the hashtag on Twitter. Follow me.


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