10 Ways Of Alpha – Part 3

Below is a list of things that a man must inculcate in his behavior in order to garner attraction of women and command respect from other men.

These are the ways of alpha men.

Part 1, Part 2

1. Keep your hands off the woman in public

Holding a woman’s hand, or keeping an arm around her shoulder etc. are the ways of beta males who are insecure and hence feel over-protective of their women as if the woman will run away to someone else if not held. Doing so will make her sense your insecurity and betaness and will lower her attraction for you. And in case she pushes your hand off from her in public, you are likely doomed already.

She should be the one holding your arm while you walk upright confidently.

2. Never cry in front of the woman

Never cry in front of any woman. Crying is a sign of utter weakness. Women are turned off by by displays of weakness in men. Never cry because of personal loss, suffering or pain in front of the woman you ever want attracted to you.

It should be noted that women like men who are tough and have a “heart”. Hence, sometimes if your eyes get damp by looking at an ailing animal, or a hungry man on a street or suchlike, that will make her like you more. Care should be taken, however, that it is not overdone.

3. Never rest your head on a woman’s shoulder

When you hug her, stand straight and let her rest her head on your shoulder or against your chest while holding your head up, instead of resting your head on her shoulder.

And while we are at it, let me also say that it would be worse to rest your head on a woman’s lap. Doing so is utterly un-manly. No matter how close you are with her, never ever rest your head on her lap.

4. Don’t say I Love You

The only time you say the three words to a woman is while having sex, after climax, in response to her saying the same to you first. And that too when you are in a serious relationship with her. Use the words very sparingly.

If you really like the woman, use variations like: I love your smile, I love being with you, I love the food you cook etc. when you feel like saying the words, which should not be too often to begin with.

5. Never let her know that you need her more than she needs you

Never tell her that you miss her. Alpha men have abundance mentality. They want women. They don’t need women. And they certainly don’t miss women.

She will ask you time and again if you miss her. Joke about it.

She: You never miss me?
You: Sometimes.
She: When?
You: When I’m hungry / When my house needs cleaning / When my laundry is piled up.

She: Will you miss me when I’m gone?
You: Let’s find out.
Alternative reply –
You: (Smirk and point to your weapon) Give me something to miss you for.

6. On your way to her don’t talk with her

When you are going to see her for a date or something like it, control the urge to talk to her on phone (or chat with her) on the way. You are seeing her anyway. Don’t show that she’s the only thing on your mind. No need to keep her posted about where you have reached and how long before you’ll reach. Make her wait for you.

She should be the one eager for you and should be anxious to know where you have reached and how long she will have to wait before she sees you.

7. Forget past conversations with her

Or pretend to. When she says something like, “Remember I had told you about that place?”, pretend that you don’t remember even if you do. This makes her think that you don’t pay attention to her when she’s talking to you, and thereby she will feel that you are not that into her yet. Which means she will try harder to win your attention.

8. Overreact

Establish unpredictability of your temper by overreacting when she is not expecting such reaction and by punishing her for petty things. It is necessary as she will then have to work harder not to upset you because you may get upset at anything.

I have covered previously about getting angry and violent. Act depending on the situation. The punishment can range from not meeting her next weekend to getting furious to beating her.

9. Don’t do what she asks when she gives you an ultimatum

If she gives you an ultimatum like, “Do X or I will not meet you this weekend”, don’t do that. Remember to carry zero fucks given attitude. She needs you, you don’t need her. And that’s how it should remain if the relationship is to be healthy.

Moreover, if you start bending to her ultimatums, it will only increase her tendency to force you into doing what she wants, and needless to say your value will go down. You may think she will like you more if you do what she wants, but women can’t love low value men. It’s a paradox: Do what she wants, lower your value, and lose her attraction.

10. Never give her ultimatums

It is generally a good idea to never give her ultimatums like, “If you don’t do X, I will break up with you”, because it is not going to be taken seriously by her (because you are not going to do it) and will only show your weakness. A woman should be tamed in such a way that she takes your wish like a command and doesn’t fail to obey. Giving ultimatums is a sign of weakness.

That said, if you do give her an ultimatum, follow through with it. Giving small ultimatums like, “If you don’t do X, I will not meet you this weekend”, and keeping it will establish your high value in her eyes. But that should be used prudently in a way that shows that you are a person with values and rules, as opposed to showing you are insecure or a control-freak.

I will do more posts on #WaysOfAlpha in the future and also post these tips with the hashtag on Twitter. Follow me.


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