10 Ways Of Alpha – Part 2

Below is a list of things that a man must inculcate in his behavior in order to garner attraction of women and command respect from other men.

These are the ways of alpha men.

Part 1

1. Don’t initiate conversations

Say, you are with a group of people who you barely or not at all know at a party, or while waiting for a job interview. Do not initiate a conversation, especially with other men, unless you are going to be haughtily domineering and authoritative right off the bat. You may initiate a flirtatious conversation with women if the setting permits.

When you initiate a polite conversation you project neediness to associate with other people. Sometimes that will also mean that the other person will perceive you as a lower-value and you will be taken for granted.

Let other people be the ones to initiate conversations with you, and you be the decider of whether you want to entertain them. Until then be confidently in your own world and act like you are on your home turf. It is better to be perceived as arrogant than to be taken for granted.

2. Resist asking women questions you are tempted to ask

The questions most men ask women are mostly the wrong things to say to a woman in a conversation. Don’t show that you give fucks.

The things most men want to ask women on a date or in a casual conversation are like: What do you study? What are your interests? How long have you been staying in the city? These are the wrong kinds of questions to ask a woman. The kinds of questions women like to be asked are: If you could be any animal, which would it be? What is the craziest thing you have done in life? If you went invisible, what is the first thing you would do? The answers to these questions should be followed up by teasing remarks. That is what women like! Not the serious “interview questions”.

3. Do not reply to texts immediately

Unless it is something that requires an urgent response, always take at least 30 minutes before you reply to a woman’s text. The delay should vary from 30 minutes to a few hours.

The idea is to project that the woman is not the most important thing in your life. You are a busy man – busy with friends, family, other women, or work or play. Women love pursuing men whose attention they can’t get easily. If she gets your attention outright, she faces no challenge which is a necessity for her arousal.

4. Do not be eager to help women

Most men are always eager to help women, even when the help is not asked for, because they are looking for a mere chance to get noticed by women. They are called White Knights. These people are pathetically needy, and women sense that very well. Women need these White Knights in their lives but as friends and ego-boosters, not as partners in bed.

Men who are always there for women usually end up in the friend zone not despite but because of their helpful nature.

5. Resist the urge to spy on your woman

If you have a girlfriend or a romantic interest, it is natural for you to want to check out what she is posting on social media, whether she has an account on a dating website, whom she is interacting with, what kind of comments other men are leaving on her pictures, etc. Succumbing to this urge would often spell unnecessary misery.

A man should have solid game and the attitude of dominance to keep the woman attracted. The urge to spy is born out of insecurity which is a beta-male trait, and acting on it would be a death blow to the alphaness the man may have cultivated.

6. Don’t give women gifts

As a general rule, a man should avoid doing everything that most men do and thus what women expect of men. Be different and you will be perceived as extraordinary, especially when it is something that shows you don’t give fucks.

Never buy gifts for a woman unless you are married to her or are in a very serious relationship. Just give her the man who keeps her excitement alive and wets her pussy by a mere touch (which comes when you are viewed as alpha) and she doesn’t need anything else form you.

7. Do not show devotion

Your devotion to one woman will make you unattractive to all women, including the one you are devoted to. Don’t show devotion, command it. Don’t disconnect other women from your life. Keep women friends. Chat with them, flirt with them. It is even important to sometimes flirt with other women in front of your woman. You will find her being more devoted to you this way than the otherwise.

If you can’t help falling in love and getting devoted to the women you be with, learn to view women as sex objects.

8. Be confident and flirtatious

Confidence is for men what beauty is for women. Flirtatiousness is for men what makeup is for women.

Notice that women don’t necessarily go for the most good looking man. Handsomeness in men largely comprises of their attitude, and confidence is the key. An irrationally self-confident man who may look foolhardy to other men would be giving the tingles to the women around. Add flirting skills to confidence and it would raise the man’s attractiveness like makeup raises a beautiful woman’s attractiveness.

9. Get angry at your woman

Whenever the woman takes you for granted or does something you don’t like, get mad. I have had a woman actually say this to me: “I’m beginning to think that I’m attracted to you more and more because you get angry at me so much and treat me like shit when you’re angry. In my previous relationships my boyfriends would say “yes” to everything I say. I’ve always been treated like a princess. You are the worst boyfriend. This is not me. I’ve never been like this. I have changed so much, and I hate you for making me fall in love more and more.”

Need I say more?

10. Be violent

Yes, be physically violent. In addition to getting angry, it is also beneficial to be violent from time to time when the situation calls for it. A woman needs some beating from her man like children need beating from their parents.

However, be very cautious not to overdo it. And there is a caveat to this: You have to be absolute alpha in her eyes in order to execute it with the right effect which is increasing attraction of the woman. If you are not sure about that, ignore this pointer.

If you are a low value beta and be violent to her, she will send you to jail. But if you are a violent alpha, she will waste no time in taking you to bed. Women love lust for violent alpha men.

I will do more posts on #WaysOfAlpha in the future and also post these tips with the hashtag on Twitter. Follow me.


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