10 Ways Of Alpha

Below is a list of things that a man must inculcate in his behavior in order to garner attraction of women and command respect from other men.

These are the ways of alpha men.

1. Never ask a woman “Why are you doing this (to me)?”

In context of her doing something that causes you hurt. Imagine she is angry with you because of some stupid thing you said or did and is sulking to the point that makes you worry about her. Resist your urge to ask her “Why are you doing this?” This rhetorical question projects weakness on your part. A man projecting weakness – even when showing care and concern for the woman – does great harm to the woman’s attraction for him.

In the same vein, don’t say “Sorry”. Say instead “Mistakes were made” or some version of that not involving sincere apology, and don’t go overboard with it. Her being angry and sulking may well be a shit test. Attempt to appease her in a non-serious way a couple of times and then leave her alone. As soon as she realizes that you don’t care, she will come back in your arms like a dog with wagging tail and you will have won her shit test. Side tip: At this point sex will be phenomenal.

2. Don’t walk up to a woman

Say you are hanging out at the mall and you catch the eye of a woman you know. Don’t walk up to her to say hello and shit. If you want to say hello, call her to you with hand motion. Doing this with ‘come hither motion’ using two fingers earns extra points.

This is applicable everywhere. Be it a mall, workplace, train station. A man never walks up to a woman for small talk.

3. Surprise her without revealing your plans

If you are going to do something that you think she will like, don’t tell her about it beforehand out of excitement like a beta man. Like, if I am going to wear a shirt she bought for me, I won’t tell her “Babe, today I’m gonna wear that shirt in the evening when we meet”. It should come as a surprise.

Remember women love surprises and unpredictability in men. That’s one of the most important ingredients of attraction in women.

4. End chats with unpredictability

In the vein of being unpredictable, end your phone chats with women abruptly. In middle of the chat find an opportunity to say you need to sleep now (or do this or that) and then never reply. Do this instead of saying the usual “Good night”, “Bye”, “Take care” etc. Completely do away with those three and their cousin phrases. If you have to, use “gn”, “tc”.. and only one of them at one time. Full forms of those phrases appear more sincere than the short forms. You want to appear less sincere.

Once you have ended the chat from your end, let her keep texting. Of course she will send a few (or many) texts, but you stick to your resolve. Do not reply to her for at least a few hours. It sends her a strong message that you are a man with a life. Women secretly love busy men who reject their attention.

5. Never take a selfie

Never. Selfies are for sluts and pathetic losers. Selfies are a tool of attention seeking. Narcissistic women seek attention that way. Posing for your own camera is stupid.

A man of value would attract many people, and would always have someone to take his picture. A man in selfie is a loner, a loser, without friends. You don’t want to project that image of yourself.

6. Never ‘like’ a woman’s picture on social media

Women of the day are attention seeking bitches. But don’t think for a moment that they like men who give them the attention that they are seeking. Instead, they are attracted to the man who would reject their attention.

Never feed her ego by liking her pictures on social media. Place an occasional comment that must carry a neg. A neg is a compliment, but not really. It is the usual compliment that is expected by her, but combined with an insult which is unexpected. Examples: “You look gorgeous as ever, though it looks like you’ve put on some extra weight” or “You look cute, even with that funny face”. Out of all the likes and comments carrying compliments from pussy-hungry beta males, your comment will pique her interest. That said, don’t overdo the comments like all you do is browse though her pictures.

7. Demolish her expectations, surprise her when she least expects

If she wants you to notice something and you know it, and you notice it, don’t show that you noticed it. Reveal it in the form of an indirect remark in the future that shows you had actually noticed it. It will impress her much.

Example: She buys a new top and wears it hoping I will notice it and comment on it. I will not. I will act like I haven’t noticed her new top at all. A few days later out of nowhere I would pass a remark like “By the way that pink top looks sexy on you”. I would say it casually in passing. But I would see the look of pleasant surprise when she would turn red and say “So you notice things and remember!”

Demolish her expectations and happiness when she anticipates it. Surprise her pleasantly when she least expects, and in the form she least expects.

8. Don’t be nice to women right off the bat

Men have this weakness. When they see a beautiful and hot woman they always want to be extra nice with them. It doesn’t work. Act dry, aloof, disinterested.

Cultivate a habit to view women as ugly creatures and always keep a face like you are super annoyed when talking to them. Don’t even smile (that benevolent smile) when talking to women. Smirk is what you want to show when you want to smile at a woman.

9. Never post a picture of self with a woman on social media

I know many men who want to take pictures with women with the only intention of posting them to their social networking profiles to show the world that they have women in their life. They are pathetic losers.

Let the women do that. They should be the ones posting their pictures with you on their profiles, which they will only do if they see you as a high enough value to be shown off.

The above only applies to clicking pictures with one woman in the frame with you. By all means click pictures with multiple women in the frame. That would stir up competition among the women in the picture and give you the preselection advantage.

10. Use social media/chat tools like a man

a) Never use emoticons in a chat. It is kiddish. Let women use those.

b) Don’t change your display picture every day. Some women change their DP every hour. That must tell you who is slave to this urge. A man must not be. Set one picture and forget about it forever. Don’t be an attention seeking psycho. Get a life.

c) Never convey your moods and feelings, especially negative ones, through status updates on social media. Losers do that. Real men get up and go about their business instead of whining on social media.

I will do more posts on #WaysOfAlpha in the future and also post these tips with the hashtag on Twitter. Follow me.


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