The Two Minds of Women

Chateau Heartiste explains in this great post why women love alpha men and why they don’t admit they love alpha men.

Alpha men are the men with power. Men with power are also the men with options. Powerful men, therefore, are challenging for women. Women basically love challenges.

A woman runs after a man she can’t get easily, and is practically repelled by the man who expresses his love (neediness) and readily makes himself available to her.

Girls want men with power because such men have their pickings in women. These alpha males can have sex with many women and thus have opportunities to have many more children. Consequently, any sons they conceive will be blessed with their fathers’ genetic gifts, and these sons will grow up and, like their charming mofo dads, also have their pickings in girls.

The sexually successful son, in a state of nature, is the reproductively successful son, and his children will spread his mother’s genes as well. The more procreatively prolific the son, the more widely his mother’s genes are distributed across the next generation. Her genes are spread much more widely than if, in her youth, she had instead bedded down with a herbalicious partner who gave her herbalicious sons who played video games while the alphas were banging babes in the school stairwells.

Ask a woman what kind of man she would prefer and she would describe a man opposite of those we see women falling for.

We hear them say they want a loving and caring man. A man who understands them and who they can emotionally bond with. A man who is always there for them. A naive betaboy takes the woman’s description of the love she covets at face value and molds himself into what he thinks is the woman’s ideal, only to find himself, as CH puts it, tossed in the buddy bin (friend zone).

Be nice to a woman and you may be her best friend, her emotional tampon, who she will share the pain inflicted upon her by the alpha she can’t get (or can’t keep).

Why can’t women be honest about the kind of men they love?

It is in a woman’s genetic interest to confuse men.

Unbeknownst to themselves, the inherent contradiction between women’s primal feelings and their publicly declared desires is actually a SCREEN to separate the wheat from the chafe. Think about it. If it were easy for men to spoof alpha male characteristics, many many more girls would be easy lays. But evolution has designed these female screens, or TESTS, to ensure that the men they fall hard for are AUTHENTIC alpha males.

It is evolution. Any surprise?


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