Duckface, Explained


One is sick of seeing narcissistic, attention-seeking girls putting up their pictures with a duck-face. Girls today don’t know how to smile anymore. Modern girls think of themselves as cool supermodels and want to appear like one in every freaking display picture. In doing so, however, little do they know that they are advertising themselves as sluts.

Below are five entries from Urban Dictionary explaining the meaning of this ugly look on modern women called Duckface.



A term used to describe the face made if you push your lips together in a combination of a pout and a pucker, giving the impression you have larger cheekbones and bigger lips.


Stupid facial expression put forth by stupid women that don’t know how to smile. The Duckface is made by moving both lips as far up and outward as possible. Commonly seen in photos of slutty women where the lighting is too high up or they’re taking photos of them self in the mirror.


A facial expression utilized by attention-seeking teenage girls in which they push their lips outward and upward to give the appearance of large, pouty lips.


1. The condition of the human face after having sucked over ten thousand cocks.

2. An attempt to appear sexy, via a non-verbal offer to suck a cock. Usually done while posing for a cell phone or other digital camera.


An attempt by insecure people, mostly young girls, but sadly, some older women also, to appear “sassy” and to project an “I don’t care” or “you know I’m sexy” look as if looking like a retarded duck were attractive. Unfortunately, this just shows that a person is insecure and in need of others approval for their happiness.

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If A Woman Doesn’t Like You, You Are A Pervert

Women always complain how hard it is for them to exist in the world where they can’t be out without facing harassment in the form of hungry stares and catcalls from men. Men drooling over women like dogs, they would say, are sick members of the misogynistic society.

Let’s examine in this post 1) why men stare at women, and 2) how far women are justified in their claims of harassment of this form.

Why do men stare at women?

It is instructive to read Sexual Economics by Roy F. Baumeister to understand what follows in this post better.

In the sexual marketplace, women are the ones holding the resource called sex. The resource that men desire. Women trade sex for commitment from men (which comes with wealth sharing and/or protection from men).

That is economics applied to the realm of sexuality; and explained by Roy Baumeister as sexual economics.

Women are the “sellers”, and men are the “buyers” in the sexual marketplace. Moreover, it is a seller’s market. Meaning, there is always more demand than supply of sex, putting women (sellers) in a powerful bargaining position. Consequently, it is to women’s advantage to be passive in the sexual marketplace while men have to be super active.

If a woman actively seeks to trade her sexual resource, the value of her resource would go down. On the other hand, if more men want to “buy” her resource, she is said to be commanding high value.

In normal language, a woman who actively seeks men for sex is seen as low value woman. And if many men desire a woman, that woman is a high value woman.

Since there are always more men desiring sex and ready for it at a given point of time than women, it is to women’s advantage to stay passive and allow men to approach them. That is why men approach and women decide.

Make no mistake, women want to be approached by men. If men did not approach women, evolution would fail and humans would soon go extinct.

Now imagine yourself as a buyer. Buyers screen products on offer. The sellers, especially in the seller’s market, don’t need to look at or solicit the buyers, but the buyers would compulsively scrutinize all sellers and their products to get the best deal. They even window shop when they don’t want to buy. They may not be in a position to buy certain product that they desire, but they would look at it when it is on display. That is the buyer’s mind. And men are the buyers in the sexual marketplace.

That is essentially why men stare at women. It is not harassment from men’s point of view. It is the biological design of nature that keeps the species alive.

It is the same force that makes men stare at women makes them approach women. And women want to be stared at and be approached by men. If not, they wouldn’t be carrying themselves the way they do.

Why do you think they show so much skin wearing revealing clothes? And the use of cosmetics to make them look attractive is just a seller’s tactic to draw more potential buyers. Women spend so much on looking attractive that nearly half of their attractiveness is fake, a result of cosmetics.

So why do women rail against men staring at them and catcalling them?

Have you seen a bum being shooed away from a shopping mall? Now you would know why.

Women want attention from men. They want to be stared at and be approached by men. But not just any man. Women want the attention of the men who they perceive to be of high value. Their attention whoring is to compete for high value men in the sexual marketplace.

Women can’t admit this. Hence the hypocrisy and double standard.

If a woman is stared at or is approached by a low value man, she would cry harassment and call the man pervert. This is their strategy to keep the low value men away.

If a high value man stares at a woman, he is deemed interested. If a low value man stares at a woman, he is pervert.

That has been, and is, the evolutionarily successful strategy for women.

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The Two Minds of Women

Chateau Heartiste explains in this great post why women love alpha men and why they don’t admit they love alpha men.

Alpha men are the men with power. Men with power are also the men with options. Powerful men, therefore, are challenging for women. Women basically love challenges.

A woman runs after a man she can’t get easily, and is practically repelled by the man who expresses his love (neediness) and readily makes himself available to her.

Girls want men with power because such men have their pickings in women. These alpha males can have sex with many women and thus have opportunities to have many more children. Consequently, any sons they conceive will be blessed with their fathers’ genetic gifts, and these sons will grow up and, like their charming mofo dads, also have their pickings in girls.

The sexually successful son, in a state of nature, is the reproductively successful son, and his children will spread his mother’s genes as well. The more procreatively prolific the son, the more widely his mother’s genes are distributed across the next generation. Her genes are spread much more widely than if, in her youth, she had instead bedded down with a herbalicious partner who gave her herbalicious sons who played video games while the alphas were banging babes in the school stairwells.

Ask a woman what kind of man she would prefer and she would describe a man opposite of those we see women falling for.

We hear them say they want a loving and caring man. A man who understands them and who they can emotionally bond with. A man who is always there for them. A naive betaboy takes the woman’s description of the love she covets at face value and molds himself into what he thinks is the woman’s ideal, only to find himself, as CH puts it, tossed in the buddy bin (friend zone).

Be nice to a woman and you may be her best friend, her emotional tampon, who she will share the pain inflicted upon her by the alpha she can’t get (or can’t keep).

Why can’t women be honest about the kind of men they love?

It is in a woman’s genetic interest to confuse men.

Unbeknownst to themselves, the inherent contradiction between women’s primal feelings and their publicly declared desires is actually a SCREEN to separate the wheat from the chafe. Think about it. If it were easy for men to spoof alpha male characteristics, many many more girls would be easy lays. But evolution has designed these female screens, or TESTS, to ensure that the men they fall hard for are AUTHENTIC alpha males.

It is evolution. Any surprise?