Air conditioning is another big, sexist plot

Feminist author Petula Dvorak at The Washington Post wrote that the standard office temperature of 22° C is a sexist plot:

So there you have it: the gender divide, thermostat edition. All these women who actually dress for the season — linens, sundresses, flowy silk shirts, short-sleeve tops — changing their wardrobes to fit the sweltering temperatures around them.

And then there are the men, stalwart in their business armor, manipulating their environment for their own comfort, heaven forbid they make any adjustments in what they wear.

That’s right, my friends. Air conditioning is another big, sexist plot.

Following the above, another feminist Radhika Sanghani from The Telegraph goes on Sky News explaining why office air conditioning is sexist. Watch the video:

They are saying that the standard office temperature of 22° C is suitable for men whereas most women freeze at that temperature. The ideal temperature for women is 25° C. Therefore, keeping the temperature at which women freeze is a sexist plot of men to oppress women.

Except that they choose to ignore that in offices men tend to wear ankle-length pants and short or long sleeved shirts. Not to mention many men are required to wear a neck-tie and a blazer jacket. Also, men are hairier. If men wore sleeveless shirts and shorts, and shaved all their body hair below their eyebrows, they too would feel colder.

Anyone with half a brain would know why women feel colder in the office. But she makes it easier. In the video above, at POS 1:45 she says: “…we actually can’t dress fashionably for summer…”. That explains where the problem lies. Gotcha!


If women could dress appropriately for the office instead of wearing skimpy clothes that are more appropriate for the sunny beach with 35° C temperature, they too would feel as comfortable as men in the office. Anyone who has worked a day in a modern office knows that women dress at work, just as everywhere else, like models and reveal way more skin than men. It is then preposterous to complain about feeling cold. But that is feminism!

It is shocking to hear her say things like: “One of the biggest problems is that often in offices it is men who control temperature… Women sit there in the corner feeling absolutely frozen… and nothing’s being done to help them…” Like it is the biggest problem women are facing in the world. Now the air conditioning is also oppression of women at the hands of men they need to be saved from.

So what is the gimmick here? I tend to agree with this redditor who says:

I reckon the power play here is that of attire. If they can get men out of suits while simultaneously getting women into skimpier clothes the power shifts in their favour.

As a side note, interestingly, both Petula Dvorak and Radhika Sanghani conform to the pattern of feminists being ugly.

Ugly feminist Petula Dvorak
Ugly feminist Radhika Sanghani

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