Confessions by Women Settling for Niceguys

In this post I mentioned:

[…] the dynamics of sexual marketplace change after women reach the age of 30, more so after they cross mid-30’s, depending on the “market” conditions. As women grow older their SMV (sexual market value) declines and they look to nice guys to settle down with.

In the red-pill literature it is called The Wall. A point in life of a woman when she suddenly realizes that she is no longer youthful and is failing to attract attention of men. The wall usually comes by the age of 30. For some exceptional women it would come a bit later but it would come as surely as death.

A beautiful woman in her youth does not live in the reality. Reality that the rest of the women who are fat and ugly, and all men except the filthy rich celebrities live in. After she hits the wall, however, the tables are turned against her in the sexual marketplace and the brutal reality strikes her. It is then that she realizes that she needs to settle down, before it is too late, with a nice guy she has been rejecting in her prime as she was getting pumped and dumped by the exciting alpha jerk-boys.

The modern woman who marries as late as in her thirties is doing so because she has been chasing the mythical True Love or The One in the bad-boys she is biologically wired to get attracted to. Removal of sexual restrictions on women and the brainwashing from romance novels and movies have given rise to this nightmare of a situation.

Dailymail has published some confessions from the women, through the anonymous secret-sharing app Whisper, who have settled for nice guys post wall:

  • ‘I feel I settled for my boyfriend. Like I couldn’t do any better than him. I feel like that makes me a terrible person. I just don’t want to be alone anymore.’
  • ‘I’m so afraid of ending up alone that I’m settling for a mediocre relationship that I don’t want.’
  • ‘I settled for my nice guy… because the man I really love will never love me like he does.’
  • ‘I’m settling for a man that I know is not meant for me; but only because the man I truly love is doing the same.’
  • ‘I’m settling for a guy I’m lukewarm about because I’m too old to find ‘the one’ I want a baby and he’ll be a good father.’
  • ‘I don’t think my husband is attractive, but I know emotionally he’s good for me so I settled.’
  • ‘I fear I’m settling for him because on paper he’s everything I always thought I wanted.’

They are depressing, but like all red-pill truths, they can be liberating too. For they provide for men great insight into the nature of woman.


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