Hygiene Solutions with No Cost and Great Results

Below are two hygiene solutions that I learned from Roosh V, from his blog posts here and here. I have personally applied these and found them to be fantastic. I think every man must follow these.

Plain Water for Shampoo

No shampoo, no soap. Wash your hair with plain water. Tad warm if you prefer so (must if you live in cold weather).

It has been over six months since I last used shampoo to wash my hair but my hair looks better than they used to when I used shampoo.

How to wash: Soak your hair completely with water, ensuring that the water goes down to the roots and touches your scalp. For the first couple of minutes massage your head to take the dust off the hair. Then rinse with water to clean away the dust. Again massage all parts of the scalp for 3-5 minutes. At this time notice that your scalp is producing greasy substance. It is the nourishing grease that nature has endowed us with, but most of us wash our hair of this natural grease while washing hair with shampoo and then put gel and whatnot to bring the same effect. While massaging, the goal is to spread the natural grease all over your hair. After massaging enough to clean the scalp of dust particles and spreading the grease all over, again rinse the hair with water and you are done!

After washing the hair thus, you will notice that the hair will retain the greasy substance. It will give your hair shine, and also help in setting the hair. When I used shampoo, the hair would feel silky after washing it and it felt nice, but after a couple of hours they would be dry as dead. I had to apply gel or oil to make them look alive. It is stupid to apply chemical laden substances to create the effect for which nature has already made arrangement within the body.

You might be concerned about smell in the hair. Let me assure you, the hair won’t smell. I have asked my friends to smell my hair by putting their nose into them, after 6-8 hours of washing them, and none of them smelled anything!

It is a great solution that saves you the cost of shampoo and conditioners, saves your hair of exposure to various chemicals, and gives them nourishment from the natural grease. The hair looks great with natural shine (much better than the silky-dead from shampoo) and easier to set due to the greasiness. While setting my hair I do apply a few drops of coconut oil to increase the greasiness, but that is optional.

Watch the video by Roosh V where he explains the benefits of not using shampoo.

Baking Soda for Deodorant

The amazing solution for body odor is baking soda! It is a great replacement for deodorant.

How to apply: After having bath, keep your underarms, chest and back a tad wet. Take a pinch of baking soda and smear it in your underarms, on the chest and upper back. Or take a pinch of it in your wet palm and rub the palms of your hand, then apply it in the places like you apply cream. The wetness, however, should be just enough for the baking soda powder to stick to the body. The idea is not to dissolve it in the water. Once applied thus, forget about body odor!

I have never used deodorant after I found this solution a few months ago. Even in summer when I walked around in the sun sweating all over, I would not smell at all after a day’s end. Even after full twenty-four hours you will not smell. And do not worry, it does not cause any irritation. In fact, some deodorants have caused me burning sensation. With baking soda it doesn’t feel a thing.

It saves you the cost of deodorant, saves your skin of exposure to various chemicals and most certainly does a better job than any deodorant available in the market. And cost-compared to deodorant it is cheap as dirt.

All the best.

More such solutions would be welcome in comments on this post.


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