How to Have Peaceful Sleep with Alarm Clock

This post is for those who have miserable time sleeping as they keep waking up intermittently from their sleep to check the time out of fear of oversleeping or for any other reason including plain curiosity. People with schedules, like students and working people, mainly suffer from this condition.

When I was a school-going kid I always woke up at the right time without any external aid. The biological clock worked fine almost every day. I can’t remember a single instance of oversleeping and getting late for school. That is, perhaps, because for many years I woke up at the same time, making the body used to my schedule.

It changed when I grew up and started working. The “trusted” biological clock no longer worked now. The erratic work schedules messed up my inner clock, and I started using an alarm clock.

Let me stress here that though an alarm clock is a useful instrument, there is certain feeling of being in control when your biological clock alone works for you. The feeling is great. I am not sure how many people would relate to this but to me it felt great bacause I believe it is also a sign of good health. The biological clock, perhaps, would not work if one does not have a fixed routine with the time slot for sufficient sleep. It would also not work if there is too much anxiety about the consequences of oversleeping in case. So the well-functioning biological clock, I believe, is in some way a sign of healthy living.

I started using an alarm clock, which is now inside my cell-phone, so that I don’t have to worry about oversleeping. That is the point of an alarm clock.

Now you must be thinking that this is the most pointless post I have written and you are wasting your time reading this ramble. Wait. There is a species who can’t sleep peacefully even with an alarm clock. You may be one of them. So you might want to stick around and read on.

Have you ever woken up from sleep to check the time to know how much more time you have until the alarm rings? If you have, you are one of those.

Picture this: You have to wake up at certain time. You want to sleep and not oversleep. You set the alarm and go to sleep. You wake up in between and check the time. When you do that, obviously, you are hoping you have good enough time left to sleep more. But when you check the time you see that only half-hour is left before the alarm rings. “Shit, no!” You try to go back to sleep, in vain. You want to sleep desperately now, but you constantly fear that the alarm might ring any time. At some point during this ordeal you realize that you won’t be able to sleep and there is no point struggling. But you don’t get up from the bed because, well, you still have time to sleep. What misery!

I have a suggestion. When you have set the alarm and you wake up from the sleep in between, don’t ever check the time to know how much more you have left. Assume that there is plenty of time left to sleep, and go back to sleep.

This strategy can’t hurt. The alarm will not let you oversleep, so you don’t have to worry about that. When you wake up before time and go back to sleep assuming you have plenty of time, even if there was only a quarter of an hour left, you will have good sleep for the quarter of an hour. That is because you thought there was plenty of time left and went back to sleep without worry.

When you sleep with an alarm clock, there is no benefit at all in checking the time to see how much more time is left. Avoid that and have a peaceful sleep with alarm clock!


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