Raw Guide to Getting a Woman’s Love

Originally written in September 2013

To be loved by a man a woman has to be good looking and well behaved, womanly. To be loved by a woman a man has to be manly, which unfortunately means uncaring, narcissistic, psychopathic,.. asshole. This is the irony which makes romantic love a hopeless venture.

In an unregulated sexual marketplace (society in which sexual activities are not regulated by religious norms or traditional values) there are only two natural outcomes of a romantic venture: 1) Alpha male dumping the woman after draining her of sexual and emotional energy; and 2) Woman dumping the beta male after a while. (Note that this applies to the women aged up to 30-35. After that age in women it’s an entirely different ballgame.) The third, and unnatural outcome is through game. When beta-male-at-heart learns about woman’s sexual nature and projects himself as alpha male to get her “love”. Game.

The often-quoted maxim in the dating world – chicks dig jerks – is not unfounded. It is not merely a complaint of the beta males who haven’t been able to get women to love them, but a scientific fact.

A man is never to trust a woman who says she would love a gentleman. In matters of love a woman is not to be trusted even when she is not lying. Because a woman is constitutionally incapable of understanding herself as to what she wants. The problem is of conflict of instincts (animal nature) and reason (human nature). This conflict is ubiquitous in human beings, but in a woman animal nature more often than not gains the upper hand. A woman is poor at using reason. (That is also why perhaps we don’t see many women philosophers.) When a woman says she would love a gentleman who would take good care of her, she is not lying. She is speaking out of reason, and it is what she knows she should rationally want. The problem is her instincts. Her biology would reject a tender, caring beta male; and be highly titillated by a strong, uncaring alpha male. Such is her biological imperative.

An alpha male is by definition uncaring. They had to be. For the term alpha refers to the traits which conferred survival advantage on men when we were living in the wild thousands of years ago. A man with tender heart could not be an ideal protector in the harsh conditions of the state of nature. Strong, reckless, emotionless man would be better able to protect his woman. Hence, women are naturally selected by evolution to be sexually attracted to men with alpha qualities.

To borrow the wisdom of many a PUA, if one wants to learn a woman’s true preferences, don’t listen to what she says but observe what she does. When she speaks she does it out of reason (“I would love a gentleman”), but her eventual acts would be driven by her instincts (“fell for an asshole”). When you hear one saying that you should always respect women, beware, one might as well be asking of you to cut off your penis! Showing respect to women is the first step to betatude.

Do they really love assholes? A woman doesn’t love an asshole per se, she is drawn by qualities that an asshole possesses. Understand this. To appeal to a woman’s sexual nature one has to show behavior that does not come naturally in a caring man. To see women as garbage (of course, in a balanced measure) is a psychological modulation to get the rightly balanced behavior which would appeal to female sexuality. A woman’s mind is fucked up like that. Or rather, it’s not developed enough to give higher weightage to reason than animal instincts.

When you see a hot woman in love with a not-so-good looking man, note that the man is uncaring and overly self-confident (alpha male). He walks a step ahead of his woman, never a step behind. When they hug, he doesn’t rest his head on the woman’s shoulder but stands stiff and merely holds her while the woman wraps herself around him. He doesn’t look into the woman’s eyes and listen to her with undivided attention when she is talking to him. He doesn’t shower love-you’s and miss-you’s on the woman, but vice versa is true. You can tell by looking at them that the woman is not the center of his world but he is the center of the woman’s world.

Conversely, when you see a woman in love with an over-caring man (beta male) for a long period of time, note that the woman is fat and/or unattractive. A hot woman with good SMV (sexual market value) would soon reject – and/or friendzone – an over-caring man as beta male.

A woman wants to be loved not by the dutiful gentleman but by the dominant asshole.


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