Individual Freedom and the Collapse of System

Originally written in May 2013

The more connected people are, the more is the need to control individual behavior.

A man living alone is free, but a man living in a family has responsibilities. He can not think for himself alone because he is connected. His life’s decisions affect those he is connected to.

Today we have technologies that have got the world closer and the countries and the people connected in an unprecedented manner.

The entire world is interconnected and interdependent as never before. One mostly hears of globalization as a positive development in the history of humanity. I doubt it is such a good thing.

Greater connection calls for greater cooperation. That means lesser individual freedom. But paradoxically, ours is also the time that has given individual freedom the highest importance.

The two lines of progresses – integration of the world’s systems and rising importance of individual freedom – are incompatible with each other.

The extent of integration the world has gotten into requires the level of cooperation man is not capable of. And individual freedom that the system affords would undermine the system and will eventually bring it down.


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